Fastest Goals In The History Of Football!

Top Ten Fastest Goals In Football \ Soccer History!

Football is watched by billions around the World with fans hanging on every minute of the game waiting for a goal or even a few goals, sometimes the wait is gruelling and the end result is Nil. However sometimes when we very much least expect it, a player will score a goal in record timing.

Imagine sitting there at a Football match and the Ref blows the whistle to Kick-off, THEN to everyone’s surprise a player scores a goal seconds later! The crowd goes wild and then the player, the club and game are cemented into Football History forever!

Top 10 Fastest Goals In Football \ Soccer History!

So we decided to gather the fastest goals in the history of Football to share with you all. Here you have the Top 10 Fastest Goals In Football \ Soccer History!

10. Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur: Jesus Navas, 14 seconds

Manchester City winger Jesus Navas took only 14 seconds to net the first goal of the game, from a nearly impossible angle, Jesus Navas lifted the ball over the Goalkeepers head and it went straight into the net. Manchester City went on to annihilate Tottenham 6-0.

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