Fastest Shots Ever Recorded In Soccer

Top 10 Fastest Football Shots Ever Recorded In Football

Which are the fastest shots ever recorded in soccer? Have you ever wondered what are the fastests shots ever recorded in football? I have wounered that too, so I decided to sift through the Football record books from every league, competition, World Cup, and any archive that I could find. There has been some amazing shots on goal in football, some of them just rocket into the back of the net sometimes leaving the keeper shocked. Guess which player that delivered the fastest soccer shot ever recorded in mph?

Fastest Shots Ever Recorded In Soccer / Football

Having a look at the official records we compiled together the Top 10 Fastest Shots Ever Recorded In Football. Don’t forget that the fastest shot in the Premier League is also the hardest shot and most powerful shot in the Premier League. Lets have a look at the Fastest Shots Ever Recorded In Soccer.

10. David Beckham – 80.5 mph  Manchester United v Liverpool – 1996

David Beckham shot was one of the fastest Shots Ever Recorded In Soccer

In a game against Liverpool young David Beckham that put him in the history books. David Beckhams crack shot was clocked at 80.5 mph. David Beckham is well known for his rocket foot, a specialist in free kicks David Beckham has managed a record at every club he has played for.

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