Slowest Soccer Players In The World 2014 Ranked By FIFA

Top 10 Slowest Footballers In The World 2014 Ranked By FIFA

Which are the slowest soccer players in the world? We always pay attention to the fastest footballers, but what about the slowest footballers currently playing in the world? This got us thinking, there are a lot of fast skilled footballers out there, and there are a lot of slow skilled footballers out there as well. It would be quite interesting to explore some of the world slowest soccer players 2014.

Slowest Soccer Players in the World according to FIFA

Then there are the footballers who used to have mad pace but slowed down with age. Anyway, that is for another article, In this article I was looking to explore the slowest soccer players in the world who are not as quick as most of them as rated by fifa, but they still made an impact on the game, so lets throw ourselves into the deep end and fish out The Top 10 Slowest Footballers In The World 2014.

10. Francesco Totti – Roma

Francesco Totti is one of the slowest soccer players in the world

Not many footballers these days stay at the same Club, but this Italian has played at Roma for 23 years. Totti may not have the speed and agility he used to have, but he still finds himself in the starting lineup every week due to his amazing Footballing ability, His ability to create chances and plays is world Class. in Totti’s case who needs speed when you have pure skill.

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