Even With Foods Never Resembling the Way They Look On Packages, This Is Unbelievable

Food Product Fails – This Is Unbelievable

On their packaging, food companies do everything humanly possible to make their foods look attractive and out of this world. The reality of the matter is when one finally cooks that delicious dish it’s a far cry from what is on the package. This ends up disappointing you and I. This is a very big and very real issue and we have taken it upon ourselves to bring to you some of these foods.

10 Hilarious Food and Drink Product Fails – Failed food launches 2014

10. Top Chef Chicken Marinara

Healthy Choice Chicken Marinara

We all love our chicken, and especially the way in which it is presented to us. After a long and hungry day, you finally decide to sample this deliciously named cuisine, the Chicken Marinara. You will be in for a huge disappointment if you think that what’s printed on the package is the real deal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All you will find are pickets of chicken hurriedly put together. The vegetables in them are not presented in an attractive way either.

9. Hanuta Waffle

Hanuta Haselnuss-Schnitte

On its packaging, the Hanuta Haselnuss-Schnitte will make you drool all over your poor self. It looks crunchy and as sweet as can get. Well, the sweetness part might be true to some degree but clearly not the way in which it is presented to you. The chocolate that is sandwiched and seems to be full of grains is just for show. The real thing has no immersions in it not to mention that the chocolate is only partial. The golden brown color printed on the packaging is also a no show and in its place, you will only get a dull brown.

8. The Taste Eggroll

The Lean Cuisine Vegetable Eggroll

The first time I saw this packaging, I couldn’t wait to sample it. It appeared to be ingenious and I thought I was in for the greatest treat of my life. Well, that lasted up to that moment when I tore open the packaging and saw what lay before my eyes. Just from a glance, everything seems wrongly placed and the visual doesn’t help either. Unless you are really hungry, you might even be tempted to forego your meal considering the packaging in which it is presented in.

7. Kinder Corn

Kinder Brioss

For all snack lovers out there, the packaging on Kinder Brioss will leave you thinking of only one thing; tearing it open and enjoying this snack that looks so delicious on the packaging. On the packaging, you even see milk streaming down from a fairly can but wait till you open that package. You will be surprised and wonder where all the milk has vanished to. For sure, the snack is not even regular and the taste you would be expecting in your mouth begins to fizzle away with every turn. It’s a great job on the packaging but overall, flimsy.

6. The Star Wars Ice Cream Pop

The Star Wars Ice Cream Pop

We all love having some ice cream pop. If you are or were a fan of star wars, there is no doubt in my mind that the ice cream pop of choice for you would be the Star Wars ice cream pop. On the packaging, the ice cream pop is so regular to the point that you even doubt it. Your doubts are warranted. All that is done in a visual studio and not by the oven where these ice cream pops are baked. For real, it is so irregularly shaped.

5. The Big Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger

The Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger

Just from the mere mention of the name, one gets the feeling that they will be in for the best deal when it comes to burgers. This is even supposed to be thicker than normal sized burgers. The reality hits and it is at that time when you realize that you have been duped. It’s even worse than the standard sized burgers. Oh well, you saw that picturesque on the packaging and fell for it. It’s too bad for you. The slices are so thin that you will barely feel them. The ham is worse.

4. Tesco Cheese Tarts

Tesco Red Onion and Goat Cheese Tarts

Even when mentioning it to a couple of friends whom you want to sample it with, it is a mouthful. To add onto this, the picturesque on the packaging gives you the impression that you will not have wasted your hard earned money purchasing it. Leaving the money issue aside, you will end up thinking of consuming the packaging instead of the real thing. This is solely because it is a letdown to say the least. Tesco really duped us on this one. It’s all yours to sample.

3. Tweety Bird Ice

Tweety Bird Ice Cream Pop

When it comes to ice cream pops, this seems to be the prettiest of them all. Even going by its name, one get the impression that it is better looking than it tastes. They might have gotten it right when it comes to the taste but they clearly flopped when it came to its looks. It does not even bear any resemblance. The tweety bird’s eyes are irregular and so is its mouth. Whereas some people may argue that they are not after the shape, it is as important as the rest of the packaging.

2. Macaroni by Stouffer’s 100% Fake Image

Macaroni and Cheese by Stouffer’s

The rare mention of Macaroni and cheese oils the taste buds and makes you want to get your hands on that delicacy so badly. Your obsession will last until when you are presented with the real dish. While it all juicy and solid on the packaging, the real dish has lots of oil in it and isn’t even pleasant to look at.

1. Smart Ones Roast Beef Or Chocolat!?

Smart Ones Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

We all love having our roast beef neatly presented don’t we? Smart Ones have such a nice pictorial on their packaging but all this is for show and for attracting buyers. In reality, the dish is horrible to say the least. One look at it and you will be running to the washrooms.

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