12 Best Captains in Football

12 Best Captains in Football

Who are the Best Captains in Football? Have you ever wondered on who are the Greatest Captains in Football? well if you have then worry not because we have compiled a list of the 12 Best Captains in Football. Every Football team in the world needs a captain to maintain the discipline of fellow players on the pitch and give directions from the coach on to the players.

Twelve Greatest Captains in Football History

Previously we have published the Top 10 Greatest One Club Footballers of All Time on this list who might find some of the players on the 12 Best Captains in Football. Okay let’s count down to the 12 Best Captains in Football.

12. John Terry – Chelsea F.C/England

John terry is one of the 12 Best Captains in Football

 Following Desailly, former Chelsea Football Club player and a Legend’s retirement the English man John George Terry was made the club’s new captain by the then and now club manager Jose Mourinho though this was during his first spell way back in the 2004-05 Premier League season and this was his first time as a manager in the English top flight league though Terry had been at the club since 1998 when he was still a youth. Since then he has been the club’s captain and has so far helped the blues win several titles more than any other club captain.

Terry was also an England National Football Team captain a honour he got when England were playing Poland after the then Captain Michael Owen was subbed. It was in February 2012 when the FA stripped him off being an England Captain for the second time subjected for his racial abuse on Antonio Ferdinard who was then a Queens Park Rangers player later in September 2012 , he announced that he had retired from International Football.

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