The Richest African – The Most Richest Man / Person 2014

The Richest People In Africa 2014

Who is the richest Africa’s most richest man  2014? When it comes to wealth, Africa is a continent laden with so many resources. Knowing these, these men have fully utilized these resources and accumulated a lot of wealth. Even given that, it is a continent that is visibly struggling to catch up with the West in many aspects chief among which is technology. The continent has also been mired by civil war which piles poverty at its wake. Here are the wealthiest men in Africa in 2014.

The Richest African Man / Person List 2014

The richest person in Africa 2014? Who is the richest person in Africa today? Africa’s richest person 2014 is:

10. Mohamed Mansour – The Richest Egyptian

Mohamed Mansour

This Egyptian businessman is among the richest Africans and this is because he has a hand in very many ventures. His Company, the Mansour Group, is what he uses to accumulate wealth. Some of the industries into which he has invested heavily are the manufacturing and retail industries, the automotive industry just to name but a few. His group is well known for the huge supermarket chain, Metro, and for having stakes in Philip Morris (in Egypt) and McDonalds. He also happens to be the 3rd richest man in Egypt. He is worth $2.2 billion.

9. Naguib Sawiris – The Richest Egyptian

Naguib Sawiris

Just as Mansour, this savvy businessman also comes from Egypt. As a way of acknowledgement, he has amassed extreme wealth in his many business ventures. He definitely makes it to the list of richest Africans with an accumulated wealth of $2.5 billion. He is the man behind Orascom Group which is one of Egypt’s largest companies that is privately traded on the stock exchange. His journey to wealth started as he builds up a telecommunications empire. This empire has had the fame of stretching from media to mining and weather as well as politics.

8. Patrice Mostepe – The Richest South African

Patrice Mostepe

Patrice Mostepe is more than just a billionaire; he is South Africa’s only black billionaire. Being listed among richest Africans for him has mainly through the mining industry. It is important to note that though an originally black nation, most of the wealth in South Africa is owned by Whites. His company is registered as African Rainbow Minerals and it has elevated Mostepe to the stature of a self made mining magnate. He is also famed for owning his own football club, which of course bears its roots to the many minerals which he trades in. he is worth a staggering $2.9 billion.

7. Othman Benjelloun – The Richest Moroccan

Othman Benjelloun

His can be termed as inheritance wealth but for giving credit wherever it is due, he has accumulated most of it from his own ventures. Initially though, he relied on his father’s business strategies. From then, he has surpassed them and went on to invest heavily in the banking and investment sector; this is where he has built his own empire. In the Bank of Africa, he owns a pretty major stake. He has further extended his interests to aviation as well as technology and telecommunications. He is a powerful business man listed among richest Africans and is worth $3.1 billion.

6. Christoffel Wiese – The Richest South African

Christoffel Wiese

This self made magnate is the first amongst three South Africans to make it into the richest Africans list. He nets massive profits every other day from his lucrative retail outlets. Chief among these outlets is Shoprite, his supermarket chain as well as his discount store Pepkor. More to this, he has geared his energies to other well to do companies that are paying him off handsomely annually at $500 million as per last year; these are just seven companies. He’s carved out a winery and a five star hotel from the former national farm estate. He is worth $3.5 billion.

5. Mike Adenuga – The Richest Nigerian

Mike Adenuga

For Mike Adenuga making it to the richest Africans list, it has been from smart investments in the mobile telecommunications and oil industries in Nigeria. Notably, he is the second wealthiest man in the country. In his twenties, he made his first millions while distributing Coca-Cola. With an estimated 25 million users, he owns Glo which happens to be the 2nd biggest mobile network. He is also owns Conoil Producing. His life has been full of scandals to say the least but he has managed and is worth $4.7 billion.

4. Nassef Sawiris – The Richest Egyptian

Nassef Sawiris

This Egyptian billionaire amassed his fortune and made it to the list of richest Africans through running Orascom Construction, a public company that has deep seated roots in Egypt. By far, it is the biggest public company in the country. In seating at many financial boards in European countries and NASDAQ Dubai, he has also has a good chance at amassing wealth. He also has interests in Lafarge cement. Currently, his wealth stands at $6.5 billion and continues to grow steadily as days go by.

3. Nicky Oppenheimer – The Richest South African

Nicky Oppenheimer

As far as controversy goes, this here can be described as the king of controversy. Even then, he continues to enjoy his spot as one of the richest Africans. He hails from South Africa, a predominantly black country. Upon his sale of the DeBeers Diamonds, he got most of his wealth. Needless to say, the company itself has its own fare share of controversy. He is also the proud owner of the biggest private reserve in South Africa, Tswalu Kalahari Reserve. He is worth $6.5 billion.

2. Johann Rupert – The Richest South African

Johann Rupert

Just in the past one year, this billionaire fortune has grown steadily by almost thirty percent to join richest Africans. For him, it has now been a steady accumulation of wealth which is mostly attributed to a luxury item producer Compagnie Financiere Richemont. It sells pricey jewellery, fine leather goods and watches just to name but a few. Being the chancellor of the University of Stellenbosch, he is quite learned and boasts of many other similar accomplishments. He is worth $7.9 billion.

1. Aliko Dangote – The Richest Nigerian

Aliko Dangote is the richest African

The richest man in Africa is also Nigeria most richest man. Among richest Africans, this man easily tops the list. More to this, he is also the world’s 23rd richest man. It gives him a lot of pride to be the world’s richest black man. He is worth a whopping $25 billion. Lucky for him, he was born into wealth and even in adulthood he continued accumulating wealth. He trades in sugar, flour, cement among other commodities. He founded the Dangote Group which deals in similar products across the African Continent.

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