Premier League Football Players Most Likely to Flop This Season

Top 10 Premier League Football Players Most Likely to Flop 2014/15

Which Premier League Players are most likely to flop during this season? There is always speculations on which EPL players likely to flop this season. As Football fans we see players come and go, some we have high expectations only to be disappointed, this happens either due to the player being to hyped up or the player simply just was not as good as we thought, A lot of money is spent of transfers each season which raises our expectations ever higher, So I decided to take a look at what the experts were saying.

Top 10 Premier League Football Players Most Likely to Flop

So with the opinions of the likes of Mark Lawrence, Jamie Carragher, Roy Keane ,Martin Tyler,Thierry Henry and Graeme Le Saux I present to you the 10 Premier League Players Most Likely to Flop this Season.

10. Jack Wilshere – Arsenal FC

Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere’s inconsistent performances has had former Manchester United Footballer Paul Scholes who nicely summed up Jack Wilshere’ problems by saying “I was disappointed he wasn’t being helped by his club, by his manager or his assistant manager.” Poor Jack Wilshere seems to be left out a bit by Arsene Wenger at times, and this will be his downfall this season as Wenger shifts more of his focus on Arsenals newest signings.

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