Most Expensive Exotic Pets In The World

The Most Expensive Exotic Pets in the World

People all over the world develop a liking which later translates into a loving for their pets. This is a widely acknowledged fact given that there are over 74 million dogs and 86 million cats domesticated today in the U.S.A. Across Asia, Europe and Canada, the numbers continue to soar.

Top Ten Most Expensive Exotic Pets In The World

The affluent, however, prefer to get exotic pets as will be discussed and they do this by digging deeper into their bountiful pockets.

10. Bengal Cat – Most Expensive Pets

Bengal Cat

Specially bred for the exotic pet market, the Bengal cat fetches a cool $3,000 as per current stakes. In order for the creation of the Bengal cat, the Asian leopard and a stout domestic black cat have to undergo continuous breeding for a period not less than five generations. The purpose for breeding is to bring home a shorter version of the leopard as you might notice on its skin. The cat’s size is shortened from the cross breed and owing to this, it appeals to the eye as a domesticated animal and not a wild one.

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