Mind-Blowing Celebs Transformation

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Celebs Transformation

Celebrities, it can be said, live in a glass house. Any small change in their physical or otherwise appearance is noticeable. Sometimes the change is for good but most time the change is for worse. Just like any other human beings, they get tired of keeping up with appearances and just let loose. For others, age takes a toll on them and they find themselves realigned to the societal norms.

10. Axl Rose

Axl Rose

It is so bad that the hands of time cannot be turned back under any circumstance. Was it the case, this rocker would probably opt for it in the hope of reliving his glory days. He had fun times back then and it would be an understatement to say that he was in crisp figure and shape. After he had plastic surgery, the rocker ended up looking like a stranger who had made his was from the future. This did not hold up for long though. From the look of things, we would say he is much better now.

9. Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan is a legend by all rights. His all time thriller character, James Bond, caught the whole world by a grip. He had such finesse when it came to acting that it ended up becoming his real life character. As they say, if you do something for too long, it ends up becoming a big part of you. Retirement came beckoning to him and he obliged. He is aging quite gracefully and there is poise to that. He seems to be super comfortable in his skin of late.

8. Megan Fox

Megan Fox

We all remember and adore Megan Fox in high stature, don’t we? In a span of three years however, from 2007 to 2010, age hasn’t been so kind to her. She seems to have taken it quite heavily and now looks like a pale shadow of her former glorious self. In all rights and intent, we would say that she still looks pretty glam for her age. After having appeared in Transformers, this queen seems to have taken a backseat as far as the world of acting goes. She has had more time to herself no wonder she keeps up appearances whenever the red carpet calls.

7. Matt Leblanc

Matt Leblanc

When you look at these two images, the only similarity in them seems to be the shades. Fondly known as Joey Tribbiani on friends, it is a wonder that the present day Matt looks nothing like the other Leblanc we were so used to. Upon retirement from the big screen, he just ended up fitting back into society. Some would argue that he has pretty much come down to earth now as he is no longer placed in a high pedestal like he used to be formerly. Out of courtesy, we will ask this. Who’s the other guy on the right?

6. Demi Moore

Demi Moore

Nature is damn cruel; we all have to agree on that. To some extent however, it is fair in its doings. For instance, a famous analogy states that what nature takes in looks it gives back in wisdom. This is the case of Demi Moore. Clearly, Mother Nature has taken away from her a lot in terms of looks. One would hardly recognize her as her former beauty is now nowhere to be found. Moore has hit middle age and she looks so different in so many ways. Its faded glory in terms of looks.

5. Ke$ha


Oh my God, this is so unbelievable! We do not agree with this image on so many levels. Having been a singer, songwriter and rapper, she gripped the world’s attention through the release of classy tunes. It is a wonder that she has transformed into this. What was she thinking? In her former days, perhaps she was not looking as healthy. In contrast however, she now looks a bit too healthy. She should realign her goals and work on getting her figure back because we suppose it is too early for her to be looking like this.

4. Madonna


For all purposes and intent, Photoshop is amazing software; if only it were usable in real life. The Madonna on the left seems to have been Photoshop from the Madonna on the right. Even the hair doesn’t look as kinky as it used to be. We hope that’s the evil job of Photoshop in the material Girl’s NOW pic. Alternatively, perhaps it is Photoshop that has been in her recent glossy editorial pics. At this juncture, we admit that we are a very confused lot and hardly know what is transpiring here.

3. Boy George

Boy George

Remember the English New Romantics? A group which used to be a favorite in the 80s? The image of the English songwriter going by the name of Boy George probably creeps to the back of your mind. With the entire flashy make up, he was a sight to behold back then. Right now though, you would hardly recognize him. Just like his name, he was a good boy back then. This was before drugs and alcohol took control of his life. Though he reportedly tries to let go off this dilapidating habit, he is looking pretty rough these days.

2. Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill

Not so long ago, perhaps the most intriguing factor when watching a Jonah Hill movie was his larger than life size. His has been a transformation for the better. He has now lost a staggering 30lbs and looks like he is living in the best days of his life. We only hope that he keeps this up and doesn’t disappoint. Looking very good man, keep up the size.

1. The Cyrus Family

The Cyrus Family

The Cyrus family has been a source of controversy for a long time now. In all this, it is very evident that a stint of wildness runs through the family without a doubt. Billy Ray Cyrus has had his good days, so has his sister Miley Cyrus.

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