Male And Female Comical Divergence

Top Ten Male And Female Comical Divergence

Clear defined divergences mark the differences between females and males, some of them are defined by nature while others are just comical. Check out these top ten male and female comical disparities.

10. Time-keeping


Men and women both have a weakness for keeping time. However, this depends on the activity at hand with men valuing their time with beer friends in harmony as the time women spend in front of the mirror applying makeup.

9. Conflicts


Conflicts and peace making are part of a world where the inhabitants are opinionated and diversely temperamental. Men are spontaneous in nature. Tempers may flare and fists be thrown around but the enmity be dissipated in record short time. They are more forgiving than their female counterparts are. Women pull hair and instigate catfights at the slightest sign of provocation. Since they are the more emotional species, the enmity drags on forever and often it only takes special circumstances for the hatchet to be buried.

8. Television Habits

Television Habits

It is said that men are visual creatures and old habits die hard. Their affinity to violent television shows is bred at a tender age and is maintained through the years with admirable loyalty especially to an identified show as the years go by. Women on the other hand are soft creatures. Their tastes and preferences to shows vary as they progress with age. From girly cartoons, to high school musicals and to romance-themed shows they stick to their nature of sentimentality.

7. The Age Debate

The Age Debate

Men and women view aging differently. For women, younger men are frowned at because it makes them feel old. They are however indifferent to men of the same age as them. Men older than then somehow excites them and they are surprisingly more receptive to them because they are considered mature. Men are very indifferent to women of varying ages. To them, age is never an issue.

6. The Simple Things

The Simple Things

Men and women view complex and simple things differently. When it comes to things that require hard thinking like understanding complex video games and every other thing that is considered manly, the women become clueless while the men get in control. On the other hand, things that appear simple obvious pose the greatest challenge to women. Stuff like putting the toilet seat down is a major threat to the men’s superiority complex while those are the bane for women.

5. The L-word

The L-word

The words “I Love You” are considered golden and very sacred for women. The sanctity of the words is protected and accompanied by all manner of niceties. Men on the other hand, say the words to each other all the time without making a big deal out of it afterwards.

4. Money Matters

Money Matters

Money is a very sensitive issue for the genders. Due to prejudices set, men tend to do more work translating to more pay and they end up paying the bills with no qualms. Women on the other hand feel discriminated against when it comes to payment but have no problem when the men offer to pay the bills.

3. Definition of Position

Definition of Position

The male and female dictionaries have varying meanings to the common vocabularies used. The word “position” is often viewed with suspicion for men. Often, the meaning is indecent and indiscrete. Women on the other hand tend to be innocent when it comes to the meaning of the word with no hidden agenda attached to it.



The touchy issue of love also creates a difference in opinion. Men have little or no sentimental value to love and can do it with every opportunity that arises. Women are sensitive when it comes to love and only do it when it is very necessary for them.

1. Morning Habits

Morning Habits

Men are generally free style when it comes to their morning routines. They put in very little effort to their appearance before leaving for the day. Women on the other hand spend so much time on details putting touches on their appearance.

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