Interesting facts about mother nature

Ten amazing facts about mother nature

There are plenty of interesting facts about mother nature which are amazing. Creation is both simply beautiful and comprehensively complex. Some glaring facts that are usually not so obvious will blow your mind away.

10 amazing facts of Earth and mother nature

Here are 10 interesting facts about mother nature that will amaze you.

10. The Crocodylus niloticus Dives!

The Crocodylus niloticus Dives! The Crocodylus niloticus, also known as the Nile Crocodile is one hell of a reptile. The sight of it is just plain intimidating and scary. The first instinct when you come face-to-face with it would be to take to your heels before it strikes. If you do, chances are you outrun it and you survive. However, the Crocodylus niloticus is as well capable of diving under water and staying there breath held for two whole hours! This is an adaptation mechanism to wait on its unsuspecting poor prey swimming its heart away. At least it has the brains to know that patience never killed anyone and it uses it to great effect. This adaptation feature also gives it a chance to cool off and hibernate during hot humid days that characterize the tropics.

9. Cloudy earth-screen

Cloudy earth-screen It’s no secret that clouds are the bread and butter for our meteorology buddies. Their fascination with it still fazes me. At the risk of sounding like a convert too, clouds are just mystic and breath taking in their own way. They provide this natural scenery and the feel is just amazing. For all the other enthusiasts, it will be interesting to know that clouds can cover upto 60% of the earth. How awesome is that. It’s like a huge puffy white sunscreen in the sky.

8. The Hercules Beetle

The Hercules Beetle Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous band, The Beatles and might even start humming a favorite track. Understandably, we can forgive that and brush it off for a moment. Snapping back to reality, and into Bug County, the Hercules Beetle is quite something else. At face value, one might dismiss it off as just any other bug with a Greek-legend’s name to itself. Wait until it grows up to be as big as the size of a human hand. Imagine the freak show sight. Thought so. Wipe off that smirk off your face.

7. Malaria stats

Malaria stats Still in Bug County, mosquitoes are the most hated bugs in the world save for the CDC guys who go through the scholarly-trouble of breeding them up just to watch and study them. As much as the job sounds like something I wouldn’t wanna do during my free time even in my wildest dreams, we have to appreciate the strides taken and the milestones achieved just from that. This is in relation to malaria that these bug-beauties work tooth and nail to spread around. One would wonder why the malaria disease has been given prominence in the grandest of disease-fighting stages. This menace has managed to sweep away like half of the human population that has ever breathed life on the planet.

6. And now to the apes

And now to the apes Charles Darwin and Co. have tried to convince us repeatedly that the human race evolved from apes some millions of years ago and the process is still in progress. It is therefore unsurprising to note that apes have almost similar reactions and behaviors to the human race. Of course, this has really divided opinion in the self-entitled learned circle. For the rest of us who don’t care much about all these conspiracy theories flying around, let’s focus on the things we know. Apes laugh their hearts out when tickled. You don’t wanna imagine the sound of a baboon or a monkey laughing. It’s just plain amusing. This is not to say that you go find an ape minding its own business and tickle it. You’ve been warned.

5. Lets Surf

Lets Surf My two-pence worth of surfing knowledge tells me that the sport is not for the faint hearted. The thought of cruising and riding an enormous wave on just some little surfing board is plain scary for the unskilled layman. It’s even less encouraging yet astounding that the largest wave ever surfed stood towering at about 10 stories high. Well I do give up. Let’s leave it to the professionals who can handle stuff like that without batting an eye. Ciao.

4. Hearing

Hearing Of all the five senses possessed by man, the ears have always fallen in the less celebrated lot. I guess this is due to their waxy self. Nobody ever has fun doing that. Depending on how much elementary science you ever cared to learn, the books used to say that during a storm, the rumbling sound of thunder came first before flashes of lightning. This is in keeping with the principle that sounds travels faster than light. This has been confirmed and made even more interesting with the discovery that sounds travels fastest and that hearing as a sense is the fastest.

3. Dinosaurus Day

Dinosaurus Day The Dinosaurus days of yore when those gigantic creepy but now extinct creatures patrolled the earth without a care and lorded it over everyone else were more interesting than we imagined. Apparently, the days were shorter by one hour meaning that midnight struck at 11.00pm. God knows how they measured it but rotationists claim that the earth’s rotation on its own axis was faster then and has gradually slowed down maybe due to mechanical failure or some other reason making a day to have 24 hours. Let’s just hope it doesn’t slow down further than that because I kinda like the current system.

2. The largest apple

The largest apple The largest apple on the planet apparently weighs the same as half a gallon of milk. Whoever owns it must be rubbing it on everyone’s face. At least I would.

1. Fake Flamingoes

Fake Flamingoes Flamingoes have this gaily majesty and grace about them that is just amazing. There beauty and height is just on another level. Any nature-loving citizen of the planet wouldn’t mind paying up just to have a glimpse of them given that they are few at the moment. For the lucky ones who have laid their eyes on these beautiful birds, chances are they are fakes since the real ones on earth are even fewer.

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