Hilarious Men Vs Women Differences

Ten Hilarious Men Vs Women Differences

In terms of perception of things including life itself there is a very clear cut line between a man and a woman. The likes, does and don’ts define it all. Some are very logical while some are just hilarious. We have gone a step in finding the 10 most hilarious men versus women differences, check them out.

Things Men Do Differently To Women

10. Eyeing Good

Looking Good

Looks definitely define a person but what a man will do to look good is very different from what a lady needs. For a man to get that outstanding figure, six pack on his belly and a chest that every lady will admire, he needs to spend lots of time and energy working out for him to get fit, he also needs to balance his diet intake in terms of sugars, carbohydrates and protein intake,while a lady will just need to almost eat nothing, one light meal a day and there she has her figure 8, so hilarious.

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