Football Players That Could Have Been Great

Football players that could have been great if not injured

There is many Football Players that could have been great and most of them are football players that could be amoung the best in the World if not for injuries. Football Players Who Are Injury Prone can get injured in many ways, it could be a knock at training that sends a player the wrong was causing an accidental injury or during a Football game, there are many variables that are at play, you never can predict what will happen in a Football match let alone if a player will get injured.

Top 10 Football Players That Could Been Great

However, have you ever noticed those injury prone players? You know the ones, every time you see them fall you pray it isn’t serious but it always is, that’s the kind of Footballers you will see in this list. We’ve been looking around at some of these footballers and decided to share with you the Top 10 Players That Could Be The Best In The World If Not For Injuries

10. Stevan Jovetic – Manchester City

Stevan Jovetic is a Football Players That Could Been Great

Stevan Jovetic  Premier League career came close to being shattered when a injury restricted him to 16 on and off appearances last season. Jovetic returned in form this summer, scoring twice in Manchester City’s 3-1 win over Liverpool.

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