Fat-Possible America Version

Fat-Possible America Version

It is said that America is the fattest country on the planet. Those words might have been denoting to the dynamic culture and the rich history of the country but some citizens of the free world may have taken this phrase too literally. Grabbing every snacking opportunity by the balls and gobbling it up without a care in the world. They seem to forget that the love of unhealthy fast foods is root of all heart diseases. The statistics in America seem to agree resoundingly. In keeping with the stubborn innate nature of humans, some people dismiss all this talk as just that. Mere statistics. The fatty love is just too strong and blinding. Here are some ten cases that made it to our America’s fat-possible countdown.

10. The Fries-Pizza Alliance

The Fries-Pizza Alliance

Pizza is always a welcome idea anytime. In fact, the genius who first discovered it should have a statue erected in his honor after being awarded a humanitarian prize and being declared a saint. This is arguably one of the best human inventions since the French came up with French fries or whatever the story behind it. In my respectable years of experience, a combination of the two is certainly not a good idea. The fat calories are just too much for the heart to handle.

9. Grilled and Drilled

Grilled and Drilled

The sight of this is just mouth-watering. The temptation is just too delicious. You do not wanna see this with an empty stomach otherwise, the fall will be hard. And we can all see why. Not so fast though. The whole thing goes against every other healthy food in the book. Not with the fatty grilled cheese almost dripping down so invitingly. And the chocolate-chipped cookie staring the mouth so shamelessly. The struggle to conform is just too real.

8. Drink to that!

Drink to that!

I know what you must be thinking. That this is just the real deal since creation. The perfect matrimony between meat and sugar. All bottled up and coexisting in harmony. It is like a flair from the gods to help wash down that piece of bacon. This might sound like pure madness to some people. But the faithfuls would not care less if it means feeling like Christmas in the mouth. The problem starts when the fats build up and you start wondering where they came from. Dude open your eyes! You are pushing yourself to the gym.

7. The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

Of all the prepared food, the baked ones are the most sophisticated. Of the baked foods, cakes are the classiest. Of the cakes known to man, cheesecakes are the sweetest. Speaking of healthy eating, anything cheesy is the last thing you would wanna put into your mouth. The thought of doughing it up into cake would make any nutritionist look at you with sympathy and the fitness freaks prepare their cheque books while smacking their lips for behold business will be booming in no time. Anyway to those who don’t mind, eat on!

6. Behold the Beauty

 Behold the Beauty

The owner of this fried chicken donut sandwich must be very impressed with himself for bagging such a beauty in record time. The donuts are seductively shaped with just enough ring of space down the middle. The piece of chicken that forms the sandwich so golden brown. A complete turn on to the lips. And the vegetable flavoring applying the finishing gloss to a complete package. What more would a hungry stomach ask for in a sandwich? The guy must be living the dream. Sadly, like all the other beautiful things under the sun, there is the little matter of excess calories that result to being fat and possibly result in a severe heart condition.

5. The Dark Mousse

The Dark Mousse

The name sounds like a villainous character in one of the Harry Porter sequels. You know something that is associated with the ministry of darkness. Or a relic in one of those horror films. This is until it touches the lips and you realize it’s only the usual chocolate mousse. The kind that causes all manner of sweetness in the mouth. In keeping with its appearance, the mousse has a dark side too. All faithful users end up hopelessly fat!

4. It’s a Donut World

It’s a Donut World

The fact that donuts can afford to have a space in the middle of it and still reign supreme in the bakeries confirm the phrase that donuts rule the world. The taste is unrivalled. The various shades of colour it comes in provide the dynamism that takes care of the consumer preferences. The brownie donut happens to be at the top of the pile. The only problem is the baggage it carries along. The additional unwanted weight it brings is just a put off. If only things were a bit different.

3. The Sweet Mess

The Sweet Mess

From the name, you can figure out how the burger looks. It combines a region of things only known to those who have turned the kitchen there playground. I don’t really know how they stitch it all together but the result is what is officially known as the Supreme Nacho Burger. The mess it leaves behind though is something that might make you weep. Anybody thinking of gobbling it up should think of the cost first. It’s a direct ticket to fat camp.

2. The Burgeoning Burger

The Burgeoning Burger

The whole thing looks like a delicious explosion. The cheesy chicken sandwich is every fat guy’s dream. I wish they could take the warning from the name and just keep off. Unless they all somehow have a wish list that includes a burgeoning and exploding body.

1. It’s all about pizza

It’s all about pizza

Since the hey days of pizza margherita in 1889 to the one that is currently in the oven cooking as we speak, pizza does run the world. The tweaks and twists around it have let tongues wagging. The pizza cake in particular has just been a hit in the market. And lets not forget that the more you eat the more fat camp beckons with a wry smile.

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