Amazing Family Costumes

Ten Amazing Family Costumes

There are only a few things that are more fascinating than parents wearing costumes that bear resemblance to those worn by their kids. It is always a site to behold when these little ones are tucked inside costumes funnier than Mickey Mouse. In their glamorous colors, they resemble funny characters and what makes them appear even funnier is the look on their innocent faces.

10. Talk Of Pixar Perfect

Talk Of Pixar Perfect

Which is the best Pixar Halloween costume you’ve ever spotted anywhere? I bet that this will get the best rankings in that category. Everything is right with this picturesque. We are of the opinion that had this mom tagged along any more balloons than she has right now, she would be floating and soon would vanish into thin air, perhaps never to be seen again. If awards were being given out, this would scoop no less than 10 awards for the best Pixar Halloween costume. The only thing visibly missing from this photo is Doug, the old man.

9. The Jackson Four

The Jackson Four

The legendary Michael Jackson, whom we all love to adore, had two brothers and a sister whom when all put together culminates in the Jackson four. This is a perfect outlook and there seems like nothing is wrong with it. This is up until that moment when you realize that two of the siblings are way too short. MJ here looks like he is in his element as usual and little Janet stands out from all the rest. For sure, these costumes couldn’t be any better. Great job!

8. Here Are The Wild Things

Here Are The Wild Things

This seems like a scary film right from the onset. With the wildlings about to alight from this metro and cause havoc all over the city, one tends to wonder why the look so calm, peaceful and collected. Also, why wouldn’t they just start causing havoc in the metro rather than wait for that opportunity to pass them by? For all intents and purposes, I don’t quite seem to remember this part of the book. Oh wait a minute, this must be the sequel! Honestly though, I’ve always hated it when the film doesn’t stay true to its purpose and the source material.

7. The Winners In Star Wars

The Winners In Star Wars

Borrowing from this image, stars wars are far from over. They will probably never be over for a long time to come, up until that moment when this kid will become an adult and end it. This is sounding like an episode from Maury. It would seem that Princess Leia is now Like’s sister and mom all in the same breath. The little one in this photo looks like the starring here, with all the adults in the room hiding behind him. What a sight to behold!

6. IPod Minis

IPod Minis

It’s one thing having an iPod mini and it’s quite another thing having two live ones. Like these two sons and their father. He will now get to listen to every single thought that crosses their minds, whether good or bad. Well, the only problem here is that these two will be chanting different music and that will cease to be music and become utter noise. Let’s hope that they will not break their old man’s eardrums with all their bickering and chattering. Another thought come to mind, how many versions of the iPod shuffle will they come out with? That said, their dad has the latest Beats by Dre headphones.

5. Tiny Tony

Tiny Tony

We all love our frosted flakes. They way they glide down the throat after being so crunchy, wow! This costume might just be the best way ever to sell the little one. Perhaps he has become too much of a burden and he is now being used to put food on the table literally. He is so cute and adorable and for that, he will fetch a really good price. All said and done, this costume is so GR-R-REAT! All I am wondering is where Snap, Crackle and Pop are.

4. The King Kong Baby

The King Kong Baby

King Kong’s fascination with tall buildings will probably get this little one in some real trouble soon. It all starts with small baby steps like these and by the time he starts climbing tall towers, we will all know who to blame for all the wrong inspiration. Wherever the mighty King Kong may be at this very moment, he is sure looking down on his alleged son and feeling exhilarated like any other proud father for having his baby follow in his footsteps. From the look of things, it’s like King Kong made a King Kong in his diaper.

3. The Lobster Lad

The Lobster Lad

Does this look sanitary at any level? This crab seems pretty big and all those who will be served at the table later will eat to their fill and have some left over for a later time. This dad must be pretty heartless to think of cooking the baby in such a large pot. The little one is in luck though; the pot is large enough and so he won’t have to be chopped into tiny pieces. And he looks so happy in the pot, no wonder he was picked for this festive season.

2. The Powerloader

The Powerloader

This kid looks like the terminator ready to rip the entire world apart; let’s hope he does not hold such thoughts because he clearly has the power to do it. All that might be missing is the will. It is a costume made in extraterrestrial space and one of an alien form. In stuffed animal vending machines, it could also double up as the claw.

1. The Infant Instrument

The Infant Instrument

The King never died, he is still alive and here, he is about to start strumming his guitar. The only problem is that his guitar seemed to have shrunk and come to life. Given this, he will have a lot if troubles when it comes to tuning it.

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