10 Child Actors From The 90s: Where Are They Now?

10 Child Actors From The 90s: Then and Now

Here is a list of child actors from the 90s and where they are now. Who are 10 child actors from the 90s and where are they now? The 90s were a simpler time for everyone. We would hang out with friends, watch our favorite television shows together, and just spend more time together.  

10 Child Actors From The 90s: Where Are They Now?

Previously we have written a list about Child Actors Turned Ugly and Shocking Child 90s Stars Then and Now. Do you remember those Child Actors from the 90s television shows and movies? Do you ever wonder where they are now? Here is a top ten list of child actors from the 90s and what they are up to now.

90s Child Actor Mason Gamble

Mason Gamble

Mason Gamble played as Dennis in “Dennis the Menace.” But where is he now? He still acts a little bit and his recent movie was “Golf in the Kingdom.” However, since playing little Dennis in “Dennis the Menace” he graduated high school as a National Merit Scholar Finalist as well as being an accomplished pole vaulter. He then went on to Dentistry college and graduated from there and since 2011, he has been studying Marine Biology. Mr. Wilson would be so proud of the man that little Dennis grew up to be.

90s Child Actor Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce played the little brother in the movie, “Jumanji.” He was also the voice of Chip Cup in “Beauty and the Beast” and Flounder in “The Little Mermaid.” But, where is he now? Pierce continues to do voiceover work for Kingdom Hearts as well as where other places need his voice.

90s Child Actor Tina Majorino

Tina Majorino

Tina Majorino played a child actor in “Corrina, Corrina” as well as “Waterworld,” “Andre,” and “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Majorina has been busy since playing these roles with even more roles on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “True Blood,” “Bones,” and “Veronica Mars.” However, are you wondering where she was for seven years? According to her, she was experiencing being a kid. She said she didn’t want to miss out on her childhood like many other child actors do.

90s Child Actor Jimmy Workman

Jimmy Workman

You should remember Workman from “The Adam’s Family” the movie where he played Puglsey Adams. Although he acted back then, he is not doing so much acting these days but it has been suggested that he is working on the other side of the camera these days. Back in 2012 he did appear as a witness in court for his sister, Ariel Winter who was seeking emancipation from their mother. You should remember his sister, Ariel Winter who plays on “Modern Family” as Alex Dunphy. The reason for the emancipation from their mother is because Arial was claiming abuse by her mother. However, Workman says the abuse never happened and Winter is just upset that their mother wants her to break up with her 18-year-old boyfriend. Their other sister, Shanelle was the voice of Wendy on Wendy’s food commercials. A truly talented family these three are.

90s Child Actor Amber Scott

Amber Scott

You may remember Amber Scott when she played Maggie Banning from “Hook.” How is she doing these days? Amber Scott graduated from Trinity College in 2006 and was one of their sorority girls. She only did that one film, however, and has been laying low ever since. However, she did do some voiceover work for a documentary in 1995 called, “The American Experience.”

90s Child Actor Shawna Waldron

Shawna Waldron

Shawna Waldron played “Icebox” in the movie, “Little Giants.” Where is she now and what has she been up to lately? She is still acting and was most recently seen in “Stitch”  which is a movie that came out in 2014, and she has been doing great!

90s Child Actor Olivia Hack

Olivia Hack

Olivia Hack played Cindy Brady from “The Brady Bunch Movie.” What has Olivia been up to since then? Even if you haven’t seen her lately, you sure have heard her before most likely since she has been doing voiceover work. Her voice has been used on shows such as “Hey Arnold!” “Family Guy” as well as “Care Bears: Welcome to Care-o-lot” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

90s Child Actor Ashleigh Aston Moore

Ashleigh Aston Moore

You should remember Moore from playing the role of Chrissy from “Now and Then.” However, she passed away in 2007 from, according to reports, complications from Pneumonia and Bronchitis. However, rumor has it she really passed away from a Heroin overdose. She did quit her acting job when she was just 16-year-old and hated talking about being an actress. Although she did quit, her last role was a special guest role on “Touched by an Angel” in 1997.

90s Child Actor Bug Hall

Brittany Ashton Holmes and Bug Hall

You should remember Hall as Alfalfa on “The Little Rascals.” Where has he been lately? He has been seen all over the screens, both big and small, since playing little Alfalfa. Some credits he has gotten along the way include parts on the “O.C”  “Criminal Minds” “90210” as well as “Saving Grace” and “Nikita.” He also played in the ScyFy movie called, ”Arachnoquake.” Not only is he an actor but also is a musician, an acting teacher, and is on Twitter a lot. As for his girlfriend, Darla on “The Little Rascals,” Brittany Ashton Holmes quit acting in 1996.

90s Child Actor Travis Tedford

Travis Tedford

Travis Tedford is better known as “Spanky” from “The Little Rascals.” Just like his co-star, Darla, he quit acting too and now works as an inbound marketing specialist for a credit union in Texas.


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