Child Actors Turned Ugly

Child Stars Turned Ugly

Child actors get to fame and before they realize it, they are out in the bitter cold which cares for nobody. Here is a comprehensive list of child actors who had their hay days but are now sadly waning away for different reasons.

Child Actors Turned Ugly

10. A Funny Looking Bro

A Funny Looking Bro

Would there be an award going to an odd-looking character in Hollywood, it would undoubtedly go to Clint Howard. This has been long coming though. Remember he was cast in the original Start Trek series (even at the time, the make-up artist didn’t have a huge assignment on him per say) as the child alien named Balok? Well, we met Clint at a rather rare stance; offering sandwich bites to passersby on Mayberry streets.

9. Webster pas the Age of 40

Webster pas the Age of 40

When Susan Clark and Alex Karras took in a 4 foot 3 orphan by the name of Emmanuel Lewis, it was actually a pretty cool take as he played as a six year old though at the time his actual age was twelve. Things have not been as rosy for him of late as he lost his palatable Atlanta area home acknowledged to foreclosure after a stint on The Surreal Life. His girth has increased and almost matches his height which sadly remains at the same 4 foot 3.

8. Come On Get Happy

Come On Get Happy

A onetime Patridge Family cutie, Danny Bonudance has done seemingly a lot to wreck his life and image but also notably so, he has openly embraced all the errors made in his past. Having embraced al his past undoing’s, turned them into a career and moved on, Danny was a sure winner when it came to the favorite child actors. Were it to be posed to him as an honest question, even he would agree without causing much of a fracas that he probably belongs wholly to this list.

7. Freaky Friday & Saturday & Sunday

Freaky Friday & Saturday & Sunday

Wait for it! This is the true description of a triple threat; a drug abuser, alcoholic and quite sadly, a thief. Lindsay Lohan rocked our hearts approximately one and a half decades ago while appearing as adorable twins in The Parent Trap. After that award winning appearance, it would only take five years for her to appear in yet another captive film alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, Freaky Friday. A quick look at her face and one won’t fail to notice that all those drunken after parties have taken a toll on her. This is besides numerous courtroom videos and booking photos.

6. A Dose At A Time

A Dose At A Time

A hugely gross understatement would be to state that Mackenzie Phillips has stridden through a rough and unforgiving life. This can be attributed to her being laid off from the same show that elevated her to stardom; such a sad story. Her fall from grace to grass was facilitated by the fact that she turned up for work, in the show One Day at a Time, while high in two instances. Sadly enough, even as late as 2008, she had trouble with airport security for believably sporting heroin and cocaine.

5. Family Ties Litter Runt

Family Ties Litter Runt

Brian Bonsall was a much doted brother by his elder brother Alex on Family ties; this is after they, the Keatons, decided to have yet another child. More than once, Brian Bonsall has since then had ugly confrontations with the law after being convicted. Notably, he had also formed a rock band which was not fairing so well. A lot of you are undoubtedly bothered by his weird looking tattoo covering his neck. The butterfly’s significance is? By now, we’ve all probably been to used to seeing this all grown up Andy Keaton in many of his numerous mugshots.

4. Home Alone Star

Home Alone Star

This is really sad; America helplessly fell in love with little Kelvin during the filming of Home Alone series. Well, Macaulay Culkin has done little or virtually nothing to salvage his ever faltering image. If it is anything to go by and would there be a sequel of the Home Alone series, then Macaulay would only be rightfully cast as being one of the burglars and not the star kid. Save for his numerous encounters with law enforcement agencies, notably for the possession of Klonopip and Xanax, Culkin no longer has much to show for all those years of fame.

3. The Bell Couldn’t Save This Face

The Bell Couldn’t Save This Face

This child star has been the source of many controversies; owing to this, many have even suggested that she be subjected to a psychiatry test to ascertain her mental condition. Lark Voorhies, going fondly by the name of Lisa Turtle was once the rich trendy girl on Saved by the Bell in early 1990’s. On recent interviews however, she has showed up while sporting a queerly unpopular amount of makeup.

2. Isn’t it A Wonder the Toll Years Take?

Isn’t it A Wonder the Toll Years Take?

In The Wonder Years, the role Wayne (who was Fred Savage’s elder brother) was played by Jason Hervey. A little while later he saw it fit and best to leave the Hollywood stage and instead pursue his PR business desires. After finding itself in a bitter fraud scandal, the medical conglomerate HealthSouth had to lay him off; at the time, he was at a prestigious position being the conglomerate’s vice president. Now being out of a once prestigious job, the stress of being jobless is clearly showing all over his once pretty face.

1. I See Ugliness in People

I See Ugliness in People

Remember what used to be his haunting doe-eyes? Well, now all that’s left are seemingly oddly small eyes that seem weirdly close together. It’s now been a long time since he crept out on the 6th sense. Also, he has a role in Artificial Intelligence, A.I. Now Haley Joel Osment is all grown up while having notably added a few extra pounds. I wonder whether he would be quick to say that he still sees ugly people.

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