Amazing Life Hacks For Your Office

Ten Amazing Life Hacks For Your Office

As most people might be aware, the term life hacks refer to anything that will solves everyday challenges in a clever way. Sometimes workplaces can turn out to be boring and tiresome. Therefore, finding ways of making the stay at the workplace interesting and easier is necessary. Here are some ten great workplace hacks you have never imagined. You ought to try them out!

10. Swinging door

Swinging door

Everybody likes privacy, whereas cubicles at the workplace might not be able to offer this. In case one feels that they seriously need privacy and still keep your space looking pretty, try fixing a swinging door. The beauty of these doors is the fact that making them is inexpensive and will consume very little time. To get going, you will need cardboard, sharpie and tape. You might also consider asking a workmate to help you out. Decorate the cardboard according to your wish. Next, fix it on the opening of your cubicle using tape. That simple!

9. Drawer organizer

Drawer organizer

Many times you find yourself with a load of files filling your desk. Sometimes you have them in your desk but when it’s time to look for a file, it takes ages to trace one. This hack is very useful especially to those who have numerous files to keep track of, and they do not know how to organize them. You will find most people throwing their cereal boxes away after use. How about using the boxes to divide your drawer? This way, you can get space for every file, and it ensures easy retrieval.

8. Keyboard cleaner

Keyboard cleaner

Almost everybody is using a computer at their workplace. While other places are cleaned, the keyboard happens to be one of the items that people barely remember to clean them up. The space between keys is so small and therefore cleaning it can be very difficult. In case you think that your keyboard requires some attention, it is the high time you thought of making use of this hack! You can clear the dirt in between your keyboard using a tape or post-it-notes. However, do not forget to switch off your computer to prevent it from sending ridiculous sounding bulk mails.

7. Cord organizer

Cord organizer

Many people have their desks filled with all kinds of cords. This is especially those who have various devices that they are currently using. The desire to have a neat table without having to get rid of some of the devices can be fulfilled by using a cord organizer. All you need are binder clips. The clips should be placed at the edge of the table. You can then attach the cords and enjoy a neat desk!

6. Coffee/tea warmer

Coffee/tea warmer

When it is chilly, there is no doubt that you are tempted to have a cup of warm beverage. Placing it on the desk will make it cold. Therefore, one ought to try out this wonderful hack. All you need is a laptop charger which most people cannot miss at their workplaces. The charger is used as a coaster. Therefore, you place the cup with the beverage on the laptop charger. However, be careful so as not to spill the drink!

5. Iphone holder

Iphone holder

When at the workplace, finding space to place your phone can be quite hectic. Sometimes it may get mixed up in documents thus giving you a rough time when you want to reply to a text to receive or even make a call. In case one is in such situations, you ought to try making a tri-pod holder for your phone. The advantage of making this holder is that the materials required are readily available at the office place. All you require are binder clips and a business card. The binder clips are attached to the card. Their upper parts are used for holding the phone. Isn’t this a brilliant idea?

4. Tissue dispenser and disposal hack

Tissue dispenser and disposal hack

Here you are with a running nose and using loads of tissue. It is hectic to use a piece of tissue them go to the bin to throw it. Therefore, making a tissue dispenser and disposal is very useful. All you do is to pull simply out a tissue, use it, and then dispose of it without having to get off from your chair. The process of making it is simple. All you requires to do is to accord a box that is full of tissue to an empty one. You can attach them using a rubber band. Next is to enjoy!

3. Bread cord labeler

Bread cord labeler

You happen to have numerous cords connected to the extension. At times, you tend to confuse cords wondering which one belongs where. The solution is making labels for your cords using bread ties. All you need is to label the tie, and you are good to go. The advantage is that the final look is simple, smart yet solid, and it solves all your issues.

2. Fresh coffee hack

Fresh coffee hack

It is usually annoying to find yourself taking stale coffee unknowingly. Instead of partaking to go through the torment, you can try out the coffee hack. All you should do is to place a Styrofoam cup over another. Mark the bottom one with all the twenty-four hours. The up at the top should have an arrow. This way, after making coffee, you pivot it to mark the time that you made it. You can inform your workmates so that they can be doing the same. There is no better way of avoiding stale coffee!

1. Iphone speakers

Iphone speakers

Well, offices might at times get quite boring. During such moments, you feel that some good music can go a long way in getting rid of the boredom. The problem is that you do not have speakers to amplify the music and make it livelier. This life hack will blow your mind! All you need to make your iPhone speakers is a toilet paper roll and two plastic cups. Fix the roll into the two cups, with each of its ends stuck in each cup. Make a slit on the tissue roll where you will fix the phone. Enjoy the tunes!

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