Contributor Program FAQs

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Who can write for DailyEntertainment.com?

We are looking for experienced writers, with fantastic English writing skills. We want to affiliate ourselves with passionate people who enjoy writing about interesting topics, and be part of a growing team and site.

How does it work, what are the steps to get published?

Once you are approved as a writer on DailyEntertainment.com you will be given a team editor who will work directly with you to help you with the process. You will need to provide the titles as well as a brief summary, to better explain your topic of choice. Your team editor will be responsible for approving your ideas. Once your ideas are approved you may begin writing.

How many articles do I need to write?

We are looking for committed writers who will work with us long term and will want to grow with the site. We need writers who can consistently provide a minimum quota of quality articles a month.

Are there a minimum number of words?

We are looking for good articles that go in depth about the chosen subject. We believe that a minimum of 750 words is needed to make for an interesting article. There are some exceptions but this can be discussed with your team editor.

What can I write about?

Before applying to become a writer, you should familiarize yourself with the articles on our website. We are DailyEntertainment.com and our motto is: We follow the money. We want articles that are money related and that fit under one of our current channels: Business, Expensive Lifestyle, Luxury, Rich List, and Sports Money.

How much will I get paid?

This is what everybody wants to know, so here it is you will get paid for every article that gets approved by your team editor.

How often do I get paid?

The payments will be sent out by Paypal on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Are there any bonuses based on performance?

Currently no, although we are working on an incentive for all writers that will be working for TheSportster.com. Only “premium” articles will be eligible hence why we favor and approve articles with a lot of substance!

How many people will view my work?

DailyEntertainment.com has approximately 10M articles views per month. That number will be increasing rapidly.

Will I get Credited for the articles I provide?

Yes, any published content that you have provided will be credited to you (name of author, etc).

Do I need to always write about top 10 articles?

We definitely do have a preference for lists however it can vary from top 3,top 5, top 10, top 15, top 20 and even top 28. Otherwise we are open to articles that are not list based, as long as the topic suits the style and vision of the website. Once again it will come down to the final approval by your team editor.

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