Worst Misses In Football History

Top 10 Worst Misses In Soccer Ever!

Wich are the worst football misses of all time? No one can deny that Professional Footballers have a lot of pressure on their shoulders, From the pressures of defeating their opponents to winning a crucial match, sometimes it can all come down to one moment, and sometimes that moment things can all go wrong,

I decided to take a look at all the worst mistakes in football, Now some may say ‘oh this is just another list’, However, It is how well compiled a list is and the reasoning behind it that can make a top 10 list average or fantastic, The reasoning behind this list is to show the human side to footballers, sure, I wont deny it’s good for a laugh at well, but also to appreciate some of the situations that Footballers are faced with, a Footballer can go through having a phenomenal career and then in one moment something happens that changes everything, as in the case of Steven Gerrard, One Slip, and now he is known as ‘Slippy‘.

The Top 10 Worst Misses In Football ever

So lets kick back laugh, get shocked, reminisce and appreciate the pressures of the Worlds Biggest and Best Game Football and if you enjoyed it feel free to give this list a vote by clicking at the like button above the tittle.

10. Ilija Sivonjic – ‘He Came In Like A Wrecking Ball’

If ever there was a Player that took the Phrase ‘Too Hard,Too Fast‘ it’s this guy Ilija Sivonjic from Dynamo Kiev, What was he thinking, he came in like a wrecking ball, He doesn’t even look like he had any purpose to his plan what so ever, I think Ilija Sivonjic‘s plan was to just run full speed and jump at wherever the ball was heading hoping it would net him a goal, good luck with that plan lad…

9. Rocky Baptiste – ‘So Close!’

This one leaves you wondering how in the hell did he miss that!?!, Rocky Baptiste could have practically walked the ball into the back of the net, Instead he ended up doing whatever it was he did there, You can watch this over and over again, It will never make any sense…

8. Fahad Khalfan – ‘Why You No Post And In?’


This is a doozey one could argue that Fahad Khalfan was just plain unlucky, However, I will argue that he quite possibly opted to shoot for the more logical option being that the huge gap openly available to him. Still, it is funny to watch…

7. Freddie Ljunberg – ‘You Had One Job!’

The tragic part of Freddie Ljunberg‘s famous miss is all the hard work his Arsenal counterparts put into the set up, and Ljungberg shattered that in one moment, granted the ball may have hit the wrong part of his boot, However, They dont play the players Millions to miss open opportunities like that one, Unlucky

6. Jose Carlos Fernandez – ‘DO IT NOW!’

You know that feeling you get when someone is stuttering and you just want to yell the word out they are trying so desperately to mutter?, That is exactly how this video will make you feel, just watching this guy take his time to even attempt to net the ball is cringe worthy , It had me yelling, NOW! DO IT NOW!.

5. Yakubu ‘Wait, I wasn’t Ready’

Now, before you go all harsh on this lad, Clearly you can see he wasn’t ready, I’m just yanking you, how did he miss that, Perfect opportunity, This goal was a gift and Yakubu rejected it, the look on his face as the ball hit his foot is priceless, I picture him yelling in his mind ‘ WAIT, I’M NOT READY’

4. Jakub Błaszczykowski – ‘Try Not To Panic’

Poor Jakub Błaszczykowski, this lad looks like he has the whole weight of the Football World on his shoulders, This lad was given the mother of all open goal opportunities, With the defenders miles away from him and the Keeper with no chance of catching Jakub Błaszczykowski, He blows it over the bar, now in this instance most nearly any player from any level would of had their wits about them and calmly run the ball toward the goal placing it into the back of the net, Maybe I’m wrong and he was being cocky trying to smash it home, either way, it’s a shocking miss!


3. Diego Forlan ‘It Was The Sweat In My Eyes, I Swear’

There must have been loads of swear in Diego Forlans eyes that day, A wide open goal, sweet angle and bam! he hits the side of the net, I do feel for the lad though, there was some fast play leading up to it, Still should of netted it

2. Ronny Rosenthal – ‘No Pressure!’

This is one of the most extraordinary mistakes in Football I have seen, now hear me out, the reason being, if you watch this a few times you will see all the advantages Ronny Rosenthal had, He has past the defender, gets around the Keeper, now he is one on one with the goal mouth,

I know what you are going to say ‘but there is a defender coming up right behind him’ and you would be correct, However, what would happen if that defender went in for a tackle at that speed and angle, it’s a recipe for a penalty, Ronny Rosenthal should of seen the advantage he had and played it cool, having said that, sometimes its just the pressure of the game, What do you think?

1. Fernando Torres – ‘who moved the goal?’

Every time I see this I cringe for the poor lad, Now, I’m not the biggest Fernando Torres fan and I wont deny was at one time a great striker, However I feel that this video pretty much sums up his slum at the moment,  it is as if one day he woke up at forgot how to Football

So there you have it, The Worst of the Worst, Which ones were your favourites? and if you enjoyed this list feel free to give me a like by hitting the smile up top there..

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