We All wished that iPhone 6 Came with These Upgrades; Too Bad It Didn’t.

We All wished that iPhone 6 Came with These Upgrades; Too Bad It Didn’t. Damn Apple!

Recently, the internet was buzzing with the news that iPhone 6 had been officially released; what were even more captive were the features that it would posses. These included a better resolution, a larger screen and well, faster internet connectivity speeds of course. All said and done, we were expecting a lot more from iPhone. Notably Apple has a lot of money to go round; they would have at the least considered these few options.

10. A Chocolate Fountain

A Chocolate Fountain

What would be the perfect party starter? You got it; a chocolate fountain. Apple would have tossed in this one in their newly released iPhone 6. Just visualize all the great moments you would have with it. It would give you the freedom and requisite resource to start a party wherever you are and whatever time it is. Nothing would beat a glider of smooth sweet chocolate in your hand. We can’t imagine how this would actually turn out.

9. The Fart De-Smeller

The Fart De-Smeller

At some point or the other, you get tempted to eat a little bit too much of food which is known to create a lot of gas. During such embarrassing moments, wouldn’t it be a relief to have a fart de-smeller around? This would have really made things to be quite easier and you wouldn’t end up freaking up over what those around you are going to say or worse still, do. Let’s face it; farts come for free and of course, at the most inconvenient time. So next time you are releasing an iPhone Apple, please consider installing a fart de-smeller.

8. A Wedgie Picker

A Wedgie Picker

Would this actually be possible? I guess that’s not up to us. It’s up to Apple to derive an ingenious app that does the impossible. Yes, picking a wedgie in your moment of need. It’s quite embarrassing to be spotted having a wedgie, what’s more demeaning is picking it. As a suggestion, Apple could also make the app invisible in that no one in the room or corridor would notice it carrying out its mandate. Being in a wedgie scenario is quite tricky and this app would work for everyone!

7. A beaming Laser

A beaming Laser

I would be very astounded if I came across someone who does not fancy having a laser around. Imagine all the implausible things you can do with it. Shoot your enemies off their balconies, blast taxi doors open, shoot through walls. Basically, a whole bunch of incredible stuff would be done using the laser. Another amusing way to practice it would be to just point at people you don’t like so much and scare them off. As we advance in the course of human life, there will be a time when having some form of laser around with you will be a necessity. That time might as well be now!

6. Siri Being Helpful

Siri Being Helpful

Siri happens to be a very contradictory application in iPhone. Its purpose is supposed to be making you understand the world around you better without as much as moving a muscle. However, all it seems to be doing is answering questions wrongly despite being part of a very prestigious outfit. Too bad that it doesn’t work in the way it is designed to. We have to give credit where it is due though; it works magic when it comes to understanding the questions that you ask. Just make the damn thing work.

5. Siri Should Sound Human

Siri Should Sound Human

The disjointed cyborg woman who found a permanent job at Siri scares the hell out of me. After asking a barrage of question, the least Apple would have done is install a human voice in Siri. This would in turn make Siri more users friendly and more people would opt to use it as opposed to how things currently stand. By making it have a human voice, Siri would become a personal favorite, even if it is so bad when it comes to answering questions.

4. Back Scratcher

Back Scratcher

When you are finally resting an in the middle of something really important, what’s that one thing that never disappoints? A tingling sensation on your back that out rightly calls for a scratch. The back is one of the hardest places to scratch and even when we pretend to be scratching it without any aid, the truth is that we end up doing a lot of nothing. This only results into more frustration. The iPhone 6 ought to have been laden with a complementary pack that contains a back scratcher. This would sort things and make them much easier for us in the hour of need.

3. See Through Function

See Through Function

People love the idea of reading other people’s minds. This has been fuelled by the see through capability. By seeing through stuff, you won’t accidentally stumble on a pile of rocks when you are busy texting. In Avengers, Tony Stark had a see through phone; since then, I have wanted this more than anything else. It is simply awesome and it would be so much fun to use. Nothing beats a see through phone; apart from being very sleek, it makes you look sharp even when you are part of a crowd.

2. The Duck Face Detection

The Duck Face Detection

This may not be an all people favorite but hey, it is not so awful when you come to think of it. For us, it would work perfectly. When you are busy making a duck face, the iPhone would simply not take your picture. That is until you rectify that. How fantastic and awesome that would be.

1. Fantastic Autocorrect

Fantastic Autocorrect

This tops the list and quite understandably so. There are so many autocorrect fail websites because it always fails endlessly. Since of this, we close up looking like degenerates when we are busy texting people. It’s clearly not our fault and we would be forever thankful to iPhone if it would do us this one favor.


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