Unbelievable Dating Fails

Ten Unbelievable Dating Fails

Dating is a beautiful thing. However, at times a lot seems to go wrong when it gets to dating. During such moments, it just feels weird and for a moment you may wish that the earth will swallow you alive. Sometimes you may use certain tricks to save yourself from the embarrassment. Here are some of the most embarrassing daiting fails.

10. Weird breakups

Weird breakups

Until sometime back, the most heartbreaking things would be to get ditched over the phone. If this ever occurred to you, then you must have a sad story to tell. If a breakup over the phone is devastating, then I would not know how to term a breakup through social media. Many people have found it easier to end their relationships through the social media platforms. Seems that relationships are slowly loosing meaning, or we have lowered ours standards.

9. Perceptions


When on a first date, one can never be surefire of what is going on in the mind of the other. Though facial expressions are known not to fail, it might also fail , giving you a completely opposite perception. So, while you are sitting there and wishing that the day will never end, the other might be wishing that she or he had a way of speeding up time! Contrary, you might be thinking that you are going to grow old by their side while they are hoping never to see you again. Next time you are on your first date, do not expect too much, well, at least until you get a phone call asking you over for a second date.

8. Straight to the point

Straight to the point

While relationships may be strenuous at times, one ought to have a forgiving and forgetting character to make it work. This is because; partners might at times be so nagging such that you feel like giving up. At the same time, talking it out with your partner can help make the situation better. All in all, trying to forgo what happened will help calm the bad taste you might be having.

7. Dreams


Though dreams may differ from women to men during the dating period, it is likely that people from both genders who are dating have fantasies at one time, or another. Well, there is nothing wrong with fantasizing. A man is likely to fantasize on romance while ladies tend to fanaticize about gifts. Coming to think of it, what if it were the other way round? Well, guess they would still be dreaming the same things. LOL!

6. Costly breakup

Costly breakup

It is funny how you would look forward to surprising somebody only for you to be more surprised in the end. Take this case for instance; you have driven more than ten hours to surprise your dude or girl. Then next; an un-anticipated break up catches up with you. For a moment, you feel wasted. Attest you could have saved the gas to take your next partner to a drive. All the same, you ought to be glad that he or she broke out the news to your personally. A break up over the phone would have been worse than wasted gas!

5. Extraordinary standards

Extraordinary standards

LOL! They say that you ought to remove the log in your eye before removing the speck in your brother’s. However, much one should be selective in choosing a date; some extremes are out of this would. It betas logic why a not so good looking person would be choosy when it comes to looks. Here lies the enigma. One ought to be a little bit careful when trying to be choosy next time; just saying.

4. Cat fanatic

Cat fanatic

Having a pet is a beautiful thing. However, you might not be so amused when you date a dude or girl who is so much into their pet. Well, maybe you might be but not after they have allowed their pet to watch you while making out. The worst bit is when you realize that your partner is so comfortable with the idea even after you have expressed your dislike for the whole idea. All in all, you can still find your way out. Try asking your partner if they can be comfortable if you bring your friend too. Highest probability is that they will say no. If they say yes, no big deal, after all, you friend will hold the cat!

3. What’s next after the kiss?

What’s next after the kiss?

Well, you might be wondering what happens after the kiss in movies… you are not alone. It beats logic why most movies will always bring a different scene after a moment of kissing. Probably it is because if they continued with the same scene, then the movie would be banned in the majority of the countries. It is the high time you stopped wondering and instead appreciated that the scene is never extended.

2. Stages of dating

Stages of dating

Isn’t dating unpredictable at times? It sometimes appears as if the more you are used to each other, the more you get bored with each other. It is likely that one will get the best treatment on the first date. Your partner will tend to lure you with love and shower you with unimaginable presents. However, as time goes by, the favors keep on reducing. At one point, you might start wondering whether this was the same guy or girl you used to know. Well, those are just the twists and turns of love.

1. Where his hand was placed

Where his hand was placed

When you are going out for your first date, so many things tend to run through your mind. A major concern, however, is usually whether the guy will want to push with you. One also wishes to know what the guy takes you as. You want to know whether he imagines you as a friend or a future companion. Well, here is a simple way of knowing more about your date. Simply consider his hand position. The little chart above might be of great help. After noting his hand’s position, you will be able to know what you ought to do. Only that your decision might hurt him. LOL!

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