Top 5 Embarrassing Moments for Celebrities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known worldwide as a premier and top casino destination. People who like to have fun and feel the extraordinary buzz go there and live life to the fullest. However, time and circumstances don’t always permit us to catch a plane and land in Sin City. Often enough we haven’t even got the time to visit our local land-based casino. Thankfully we have online casinos, the thrill and excitement of Vegas, just one click away on your computer or mobile phone. Some of these casinos offer staggering welcome bonus, many available to you even before making a deposit. If that sounds appealing, we suggest you take a look at these NetEnt no deposit casino bonus offers for 2016.

Speaking of casinos and Vegas, a lot of celebrities visit Sin City and perform there, or simply want to have fun like the rest of us. During those visits a lot of embarrassing things have happened and here we give you the most embarrassing moments that happened to celebs in Vegas.

Britney’s Zip

Remember Britney Spears? She had some embarrassing moments in her time, she had a bloody lot of them. But one particular incident happened in Sin City. Namely, while she was performing “Piece of Me”, wearing an ultra-tight bodysuit that covered only the bare minimum, the zip went a bit further down than expected, causing the ex-Disney teen star to show us a bit more skin than she intended. Now, we’ve seen far more from Britney, but probably as embarrassing or even more embarrassing was the reaction of the accompanying dancers who made everything a lot more obvious by desperately trying zip the bodysuit up.

Britney’s Zip

Lo’s Jumpsuit

A very similar incident happened during one of Jennifer Lopez’s Vegas show. The 46-year old star performed “On the Floor” and then decided to thank the audience for their support and contribution. Turned out that the she unwillingly gave them the best “thank you”, since when she was bowing she accidently ripped up her silvery jumpsuit. For a few seconds parts of the audience got a glimpse of her famous bum and needless to say the crowd was loving it. The true hero was J. Lo’s mum who managed, just in time, to cover the eyes of her children so they don’t see their mum’s incident.

J. Lo’s Jumpsuit

Paris Hilton – Drug Possession

Paris Hilton is no longer the leading socialite and starlet. She was, in many respects, a pioneer, as she was one of the first people who were famous for no other reason than being famous. While she had quite a few wardrobe malfunctions and a leaked home video, her Vegas- incident was of a different nature. Namely, she was arrested for possession of drugs. Then 29-year old Paris was riding in a Cadillac driven by her then boyfriend – Cy Waits, when the police suspected that the smoke coming out of the car was marijuana. Instead of marijuana, they found a small quantity of cocaine in the vehicle.

Prince Harry’s Naked Bottom

Probably the greatest incident, at least for the British public, was the scandal when Prince Harry’s naked bottom was seen in newspapers all over the country and the globe. In August 2012, the then 27-year old Harry was staying at The Wynn Hotel in Sin City and was reportedly playing strop billiards with 6 young women. Pretty royal, eh? We have to forgive the Party Prince though, as this happened during his holiday before he was sent to serve in Afghanistan.

Ben Affleck’s Card Counting

Ben Affleck’s embarrassing Vegas moment was actually casino related. The famous Hollywood film star was playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas. Whereas Affleck may seem casual and laid-back his gaming certainly wasn’t as he was caught counting cards. The casino staff double-checked and after they were sure that he was indeed counting cards, they kicked him out of the casino. But that wasn’t his last or only time being kicked out for card-counting, as only several months later, Affleck was thrown out of a Canadian casino for the same reason.

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