Top 10 Shortest Serving Premier League Managers

Top 10 Shortest Serving Premiership Managers

Who are the Top 10 Shortest Serving Premier League Managers? Have you ever wondered which managers who have ever managed a Premier League make the Top 10 Shortest Serving Premier League Managers? well if you have ever wondered worry not as we have compiled a list of the 10 Shortest Serving Premier League Managers in descending order. Also Look out for the Top 10 Longest Serving Premier League Managers which will be published soon, we have all heard of Sir Alex Ferguson who spent 27 years at Manchester United would definitely make that list, but today let’s concentrate on finding out the Top 10 Shortest Serving Premier League Managers.

Managers are brought in to build up a team which will survive all the way either to survive relegation or to challenge for the Premier League title given the finances and a squad to build up, an example we can give is Chelsea under the ownership of Roman Abramovich who has pumped in a lot of money in Chelsea Football club and has seen himself change 8 managers in the last 10 years at Stamford Bridge showing his hunger for success in which some of the coaches have not brought in much trophies given enough finances and a good squad to top it up with.

Top Ten Shortest Serving Premier League Coaches

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Now let’s find out the Top 10 Shortest Serving Premier League Managers.

T9. Terry Connor – Wolverhampton Wanderers – 13 Premier League games

terry connor is one of the Top 10 Shortest Serving Premier League Managers

Kick starting the Top 10 Shortest Serving Premier League Managers is current assistant manager of Championship side Ipswich Town Terry Connor. The English man makes the list when he took charge of Wolverhampton Wanderes in 2012 until the end of the season after the club sacked the then manager Mick McCarthy close to the end of the season, Terry took charge of 18th placed Wolves in the Premier League with hopes of getting the Wolves back on track with only a few games left, his first game ended in a 2-2 draw against Newcastle on 25 February.

He went seven consecutive games of defeat and Wolves had no chance of surviving the relegation battle he lost 9 games in total and drew 4 times, Terry Connor never won a single game as manager for Wolves in the Premier League, his last game ended in a 2-0 loss to Manchester United which was his 13th and last game as manager for Wolves.

in my 2012 he was succeeded by Ståle Solbakken but Terry Connor still remained as the assistant manager for Wolves before joining former boss Mick McCarthy at Ipswich Town as an assistant manager.

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