Top 10 Premier League Soccer Clubs That Spend The Most On Players Wages

Top 10 Premier League Football Clubs That Spend The Most On Players Wages

A lot of money is spent by Premier League Clubs, Especially on players wages, but who are the Top 10 Premier League Clubs That Spend The Most On Wages? That is exactly what I wanted to find out, so I took a look at the Official Financial books for 13/14 kept by FIFA and decided to share with you dear fans the clubs that are not afraid to spend to keep the players happy, the big spenders. The top dogs, the Elite of the English Footballing World. But as much as these big Clubs spend, is it really worth it?, are they paying too much? Did it in anyway Illuminate their season more?

Football clubs that spend the most money

Which EPL football club spend more on players wages? Let’s take a look starting from Lowest spender right up to the biggest. We will also find out which club spend the most this season. We bring to you our list with the Top 10 Premier League Football Clubs That Spend The Most On Players Wages.

10. Everton Football Club – £66m

Everton Football Club

Everton have been spending it up a bit in the past few years, many are debating if this squad is worth the wages being paid, if you look at the stats maybe we can get a clear picture on it, They finished 5th last season, with a goal difference of +22

This qualifies them for 2014–15 UEFA Europa League group stage and with a turnover profit of £81m, I don’t think they are too worried about their yearly investment quite yet.


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