Top 10 Champions League Comebacks

Top 10 Champions League Comebacks

What are the Top 10 Champions League Comebacks? Has it ever occured to your mind to find out what the classic come backs in the Champions League ever? well if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the Top 10 Champions League Comebacks. Their are a number of comebacks in the Champions League but we picked out the most dramatic, important and legendary ones.

The UEFA Champions League is undoubtedly the most prestigious tournament in club football, do you agree? i bet you do! We all remember that Manchester United comeback in the Champions League final during the 1998/1999 final when Manchester United scored 2 goals in less than 5 minutes to clinch the Champions League away from Bayern Munchen’s hand’s who were a goal ahead but ended up loosing 2-1, The Champions League triumph completed Manchester United’s treble that season, winning the Premier League, FA Cup and then the Champions League. Look out for the Top 10 Best Football Tournaments in The World.

Top Ten Champions League Comebacks

Previously we have published the Top 10 Teams That Have Won The Most Champions League TitlesTop 10 Leading Goal Scorers in The Champions League of All Time & op 10 Countries With Most Champions League Wins if you haven’t seen these make sure you do after this list. Also Look out for the Top 10 Classic Comebacks in the Premier League.

here are the Top 10 Champions League Comebacks.

10. Werder Bremen 5-3 Anderlecht

Weder Bremen 5-3 Anderlect is one of the Top 10 Champions League Comebacks

Starting the list of the Top 10 Champions League Comebacks is a Champions League game that happened way back in 1993 in the group stages. Many expected the the reigning German Champions to easily beat the Belgians but that’s what happened as they Germany side scored 3 goals in the opening thirty minutes of the game, the game stayed 3-0 upto the 66 minutes, Rufer opened the scoring for Werder Bremen in the 66th minute, Bremen scored another goal in the 72nd minute to make it 2-3, 2 more goals where scored in the period of 5 minutes before Rufer scored his second of the game to make it 5-3 to the Germany giants and complete the comeback from being 3 goals down.

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