The World's Highest Paid DJs 2014

Top Ten Highest paid DJs In The World 2014

Highest paid Djs in 2014? Dont worry, we have compiled a list with the Top Ten Heigest Paid DJs In The World in 2014. Our list includes DJs who have earned the most from playing other people’s songs. The total earnings are calculated by considering all their sources of earnings including live shows, recorded music sales, merchandise sales, external business ventures and endorsements.

Top 10 Highest Earning DJs 2014 In The World

Who are the highest earning DJs in the world 2014? The highest earning DJs list contains of individuals who have received the most from their dj work. Check out this list to see the top ten most compensated DJs. If you want to know Who is the world’s highest paid dj 2014 is then you have to read our top ten list with the highest paid DJs 2014 list?

10. DJ Deadmau5 – Total Earnings 2014: $16 million

David Guetta $30 million

Besides the fact that he did not go to as many shows as the others on this list, he still made it to be part of the most compensated DJs in 2014. What was his trick? Well, he simply ensured that every show he went to was a beautiful one. He tends to play mostly lucrative festival gigs which tend to earn him lots of cash. On average, he has been paid half a million dollars for each show.

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