The Richest Woman In The World 2014-2015

The Richest Woman In The World 2014-2015

Christy Walton

When determining the wealthiest woman in the world, a number of factors are considered. All her wealth is considered. It includes here investments and any other property she owns. According to Forbes, Christy is the eighth richest person in the world, the fourth richest in US and the wealthiest woman in the world 2014.

Christy has for a long time now tried to keep out of public domain. Therefore, little is known about her childhood and herself too. She is the widow of John Walton, who is the son of the founder of Walmart; Sam Walton. She is also a mother of one son known as Lucas. When, John, her husband passed away in a tragic accident in 2005, Christy automatically inherited his fortune. She got married into one of the richest families in the world, if not the richest. Most of her wealth comes from the shares she has in Walmart as well as another company known as first solar, which her husband had invested in before his death. At the moment she lives in Jackson, Wyoming.

When her husband passed on in June 2005, Christy inherited $15.7 billion. She regenerated her wealth and by March 2009; Christy was worth 17.6 billion. This is $1.9 higher than what she had inherited. She is now on the lead in the list of the richest women in the world 2014. She is followed closely by her sister in law.

Walmart was founded by her father in law, Sam Walton. Sam has a lengthy history which traces his root as somebody who had a humble beginning. He had started off as a clerk where he earned $75 monthly. This was back in 1940. Five years later, he set up a store, Benjamin Franklin, Arkansas and Newport. After his death in 1992 from multiple myeloma, John Walton took over the responsibility of managing Walmart.  Later in 1968, John contributed in the Vietnam War as part of observations and studies group. He fought with a lot of bravery. This earned him recognition thus he received awards such as presidential unit citation, army commendation medal, and the parachutist badge. He met death in 2005 as he was flying his home built aircraft that crashed fatly.

Christly has always led a private life, keeping her life off the public eye. She leads a quiet life. Besides her many philanthropic projects, she does not get herself in the public domain. She is an enthusiastic animal lover which is evident in her contributions to animals. It is said that the entire Walton family is closely knit. It includes John’s sister, Alice, his brother Jim and their families as well.

Despite the fact that Christy has so much wealth, she has certainly been ready to give out huge sums of money for charitable causes. When she refused to head to Warren Buffett and Bill Gates’ plea to donate ninety-nine percent of their wealth to charity, many people assumed that she was stingy. However, she is one of the most benevolent wealthy individuals. According to Conde Nast portfolio magazine, she is the highest female philanthropist. This was decided upon bearing all factors including what the individuals donated as a percentage of their wealth. One of the donations she made that left a record was when she gave away her Victorian home to the international community foundation. She gave it away after she had renovated it fully and accompanied her give with $4 million.

The Walton family is The Richest Family In The World 2014-2015.

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