The 90s vs now

A Contrast Of Today With The 90’S

Seasons change and so do time change. What is fashion today will no longer be fashion tomorrow, having this in mind, we take interest to look ten most comical differences between life of the 90’s and what we have now, check them out.

10. Women’s clothes transformation

Women’s clothes transformation

Things have really changed over time. There has been a transformation on how women dress now compared to how they dressed in the 90s. This is how shanty women used to dress in the 90s when attending an adult show in the year 1991. According to this photo, women are dressed in a shanty way but mind you they are going for an adult party. However, things have changed these days. The photos show how girls dress decently when attending a teen show in the year 2011. The photo shows how revealing their bodies are and the irony is that they are decently dressed!

9. Communication devices changes

Communication devices changes

Communication from 90s to now? They are all communication devices but the difference is that one of the devices is with people all the time. The mobile phone is almost becoming part of people’s bodies. In the 90s, the doorbell was used as a communication device in that when a friend is visiting, he would ring the bell to alert you that he is at the door. However, things have changed. People now use their mobile phones to alert you that they are at your door. They just need to text you or call to communicate their presence at the door.

8. More than one screen

More than one screen

In the 90s, watching the television was common too. However, it was just one screen. This photo describes how people in the 90s watched their televisions with just one screen. This has changed. People nowadays watch the television with multi-screens. Someone is watching the television and still has his laptop screen on either on the internet or doing other staff with it. Someone is glued to the TV screen and still to the laptop screen browsing through the internet or with the Facebook window open.

7. Yoa Ming of China

Yoa Ming of China

Yoa is an adored basketball player who comes from China. Let us make due since he has gone back to China. The photo shows how Ming looked back in the 90s and a photo of how he looks today. There are artists who are good at coming with photos of people by sketching their faces. The face of Ming today looks different from the one in the 90s mainly because of the artistic drawing. They are both the photos of Yao. Do you note the difference?

6. Pant fashions 90s vs today

Pant fashions 90s vs today

Can you imagine how the pant fashion has changed over time from the 90s to now? Based on this trend, pants might not be of any value in the 2020s. They might not be even worn during those future years. In the 90s, people wore pants so well. However, this has changed because in the 2000s, men began dropping down their pants. In the 2010s, they even pulled down these pants more and showing more of their inner wears. With this trend, you can imagine what will become of the pants in 2020s. They will drop down them almost dropping them to the ground. In the 2030s, they will just wear their inner clothes and carry the pants along with them!

5. Socializing with friends

Socializing with friends

In the 90s, people created networks by socializing physically with their friends and family members. They would bond and socialize by paying each other visits and spend time together. You will be surprised at how things have changed! Nowadays people create networks and socialize online through the social media. There are different social media nowadays due to the presence of the internet. People are now socializing through social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. The funny bit about socializing through the internet and social media is that most people do not know almost half of their friends.

4. The “N” word

The “N” word

The “N” word was so incorrect in the 90s. It was only used by guys in their 20s to tease and joke as they play with their peers. The surprising bit is that this word has become so common and overused such that kids use it. Kids in their 10s used the word which was so incorrect in the 90s. They use it just like any other word; it has become part of their daily vocabularies. Who will use it next? It must be the grannies.

3. Halloween day transformation

Halloween day transformation

Halloween was so much celebrated during the 90s and it had a significant to people especially kids during that time. Kids would dress up in certain attires that had some meaning. However, in the recent times, the day is not much celebrated and the funny bit is that kids dress in different attires from those of the 90s. Has dressing in a pumpkin outfit during Halloween become fashionable? Well, kids nowadays dress in pumpkin outfit during the Halloween. Things have really changed, haven’t they?

2. Wearing shorts

Wearing shorts

Oh my God! You should see this! Shorts have really become shorts and they do not make sense anymore. What is the need of wearing them anyway? The length of shorts in the 90s was longer compared to the length these days. In the 90s, shorts were worn with lengths slightly above the knee. You will not believe it when you see the shorts being worn these days! They are way too short. Some are too short to even cover the butts. There is no need to wear shorts anymore because their length is too short and they almost leave people naked.

1. Technologies getting smaller

Technologies getting smaller

With time people will not be required to carry any technological device with them. This is because technology will already imbedded in their heads. Technological devices have really changed over time. In the 90s, devices were so huge compared to technological devices in the recent times. Computers were large unlike to day where you can carry your laptop or mobile phone around in your bag or even handbag. Mobile phones in the 90s were so huge that you could not carry them around. Now, mobile phones are so small that you can insert them in your pocket. Other technological devices are also smaller than those in the 90s.

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