Best Breakfast Hacks

Ten Morning Breakfast Hacks

It is the start of the day. You are trying to fix breakfast so that you can head for the other activities of the day. Unfortunately, something goes wrong. Do you need some morning breakfast hacks? Considering that breakfast is one of the most important meals of a day, you need to have a ingenious way of taking care of the mess. We will give you some smart Breakfast Hacks to Speed Up Your Morning?

10 Best breakfast hacks you can make in 5 minutes

Here are some amazing and the best breakfast hacks that will come in handy. They will simply leave you amazed at how many problems you will now be able to solve. Now you know a few healthy breakfast hacks so you can make breakfast in minutes. The hacks are not necessary all healthy breakfast hacks 😉

Top 10 Breakfast hacks that will save morning and breakfast

10. How to save a burned toast

How to save a burned toast

For most people, mornings are a big rush. You want to shower, fix breakfast and make it to a meeting, class or any other event on time. On the other hand, probably you woke up late, and you are trying as much as you can to catch up. Unfortunately, you fail to toast bread properly then it burns. Well, by burnt toast it does not mean that you cannot eat it. Instead, all one needs to do is to grate off the part that has burned, and you are good to go!

9. Straining serial crumbs

Straining serial crumbs

Deciding to have the serial for breakfast is a brilliant idea. However, the crumbs within the serial might leave you with a bad start for your day. There is a way of turning an improper breakfast into a proper one. All you have to do is to put the serial in a strainer. All crumbs will go down, and you will be left with a much tastier breakfast to grace your day. Now that you know do not shy away from serial again.

8. Delicious cinnamon roll waffles

Delicious cinnamon roll waffles

Sometimes it is hard to eat nutritious foods simply because you do not like their taste or look. However, there is a way of eating healthy simply by covering them up with a more yummy and nice looking snack. Well, for cinnamon, there is already a solution. Waffles have proved to be the best in such a situation. Waffle are advantageous because they are easy to eat ad do not require a lot of efforts. In addition, you will not have to mess up your kitchen.

7. Happy Kids

Happy Kids

They say that presentation is more important than taste. Well, before you eat something, you first see it. Then the best way to make somebody eat something is by making it appealing. Kids do not like eating food simply because it is healthy. However, you can bet that they will scramble for the teddy bear yummy toast. It is perfect way of making kids eat a healthy breakfast.

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6. Sauce hole

Sauce hole

Which is the best way of eating two things at a go? If you are wondering how to combine sauce and pancake, then you are sorted. It is simple. All you ought to do is to combine all the pancakes, make a hole at the middle and pour the sauce right into the hole. This will ensure that every bite is flavored. The beauty of this method is simple, and it will leave you energized until midday.

5. How to make a perfect bacon

How to make a perfect bacon

So you have always wanted to have bacon for breakfast but you have never figured out how to do it. Well, you are not alone. Most people would want to have the delicacy to start their day but freak out when it comes to preparing it. Here is how to go about it. Put your ingredients o a foil, heat the oven to about four hundred degrees then bake it for twelve minutes. Well, mystery is now solved! This way, you can now have bacon a many times as you want. Enjoy!

4. How to remove the strawberry stem

How to remove the strawberry stem - use a straw

Straws are known to be useful for fruit juice. Who said they cannot be used on fruits too? It is clear that many people avoid eating strawberries because of their stem. In case you wish to have a strawberry as part of you breakfast or any other meal, here is a way to make the experience much more enjoyable. Simply push a straw through the fruit and the stem will be out in no time. Isn’t this a brilliant idea of using straws and still having the fun?

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3. How to scrutinize eggs

How to scrutinize eggs

When making breakfast, one of the most infuriating moments is when you realize that an egg has gone bad. Probably you had already heated the oil only for the egg to turn out useless. So instead of having to wait until it is too late, you can check for their wellness early enough. The process is simple. All you ought to do is to put them in a bowl ad fill it with water. Depending on the position they take, you can tell whether they are good enough to be used or are already spoilt. A fresh egg tends to sink and lay on its side. A week old egg will lie on the bottom while its fat end rises slightly. On the other hand, a three old week egg will have their fat end face the top. A bad egg will always float. Now you know!

2. Two in one-bacon and pancake

Two in one-bacon and pancake

If you think that pancake or bacon is tasty, then you ought to try a combination of these two. You will love it. Considering that there are tastier processed foods, you may not like this idea. However, not until you taste it then you can be able to feel the full sweetness of the dish. This is a perfect choice for breakfast.

1. How to crack hard butter

How to crack hard butter

It is annoying to realize that butter is too cold or too hard just when you want to make your breakfast quickly and leave. This is because when it is o such a state, it cannot be applied on bread. This should not to be a worry anymore. All you ought to do is to grate the butter. The good part si that you can simply sue a vegetable or cheese grater since it serves the purpose well. Now you are sorted!


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