Soccer Players Who Betrayed Their Clubs

Top 10 Football Players Who Betrayed Their Clubs

There is one thing a fan hates more than losing and that is Footballers Who Betray their clubs. I mean let’s face it, there is nothing worse than idolising a footballer for a few seasons, supporting them in your club, why, some like myself would go as far as to purchase a kit with a favourite footballers name and number.

Footballers That Betrayed Their Club

And then the bad news comes, your idol decides to chase the money and sign off to a rival club, oh the despair, the anger and bloody rightfully so, because all fans agree the best thing a footballer at their team can have is loyalty

10. Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole

Guilty! For Joining Chelsea From Arsenal, C,mon you have to admit it was a pretty dick move, I mean yeah he got offered less money in is new contract, but can you blame the Gunners? Ashley Coles performance wasn’t exactly the best at the time of the offer, bad move, terrible career choice,

Sentence: to be forced to be a loner in any future team photos, FOREVER!

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