Being Single versus Being Married

Single vs Married life…10 comical differences!!

Staying single vs being married? In life its either you are married or single but you can’t be torn between the two. Single vs married life advantages and disadvantages. We take a look at what life in marriages become and contrast it with singles life, this is just awesome, check it out.

10 benefits of being single vs being married

10. WTF! For married men

Single vs married men

Being single means that you dominate the world, you have lots of ladies to handle and you are in control of everything, this is the dating process. Wait until you get married, the lady that you easily controlled you turns will control you forever.

9. Guys be like….where did my salary go

Guys be like….where did my salary go

Lol! Before marriage, the man has a handsome earning that’s way much above that of her lady, wait until the marriage, the man’s has nothing while the lady has it all. It’s like a quest of pleasing everybody, you will lose big!

8. Hook ups become memories

hook ups become memories

LMFAO!!! Wait till she puts the ring on her finger, in the nick of time her social media sites transform big. The messages column just carried the day HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Making Love

Making Love

Movies will deceive you, they create an impression that single people have make more love. LOL!! Wait till you try it out, you will be left with memories of the good bed times when you had when you were married.

6. Married = Tummy for men

Married=tummy for men

What changes when men become married is what ladies fail to understand, before he was that charming magical man that every lady wants to marry, these days he has just turned to be plump, the broad chest is quickly replaced by a large tummy LOL!

5. Once married forever married

Once married forever married

The cock depicted above is very graceful while single just like men are before they bring her home. The transition also transforms him too, but to the negative side. He stops caring about his looks and the funny aspect is that he can’t reverse the situation, once it happened it happened.

4. No longer charming

No longer charming

Single girls will amaze you by their looks and curves but once they clinch their dream men, it now becomes a question of who will put up weight the fastest. Men are just left like WTF!!! Did I see in her?

3. What’s in his arms

What’s in his arms

This epic carries the day, why does the man on the left has his face with wrinkles in the first place, it was his choice, he became married. His guy on the left is all amazed by his beauties but the sad truth is he will join the left soon..LOL!!!

2. Single vs married Cleavage

Single vs married Cleavage

Don’t judge your wife basing on this epic but the truth be told, this is the reality. When she is single, she exposes it and when she gets the man of her dreams, you will no longer be seeing the nice cleavage, even you the husband LOL!

1. Who grows to what

Who grows to what

It all goes back to the epic about the job, don’t be surprised by the transformation. Single men fade out after marrying while girls look good. Funny.

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