Prodigy’s of Photoshop

Prodigy’s of Photoshop

The advancement of technology ever so consistently has resulted into our viewing of the world from a telescopic pedestal. Beauty, more so of the fairer gender, is always gracefully appalled. In trying to spruce up your virtual beauty and seemingly attract attention, Photoshop is being used as a powerful tool to make up for inexplicitly lacking beauty. Here are some of the miracles of Photoshop!

10. She Triumphs

She Triumphs

You’ve probably watched the film titled ‘Shallow Hal’ starred by Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow, the rather too chubby and weighty girl. For any first timer watching this film, it has the tendency to blow away the mind. This can only be likened to the mind-blowing effect attributed to this image transformation in Photoshop! It will bewilder your mind and leave you at a loss for clearer thoughts.

9. 50 Pounds of Fat Disappear

50 Pounds of Fat Disappear

More often than not, there has always been a tussle wavering around the ineptly different types of bodies that are flaunted around day in day out. If up handedness in technology is anything in technology, this artistically Photoshop image is bound to leave only a single thought in your mind! It’s easier and far more convenient to ditch your natural body for a virtual one! Shall we stroll down this path already?

8. A Trifling Tweak

A Trifling Tweak

Tweaking is an art of not following the norm but rather digressing and picking a different path; it will help you reach your desired goals all the same! Rather than follow the more often travelled path, this tweak will definitely catch you by surprise, without a doubt. At the cosplay convention, the viewers may be blind to the fact of the existing tweak. Are you such a character? A minor appraisal tweak is not noticeable right away. Wow! This is exquisitely well done.

7. Revamping Your Face

Revamping Your Face

The outlook and detail of your face is what first attracts attention. Ridicule or praise will then follow, depending on the first impression made earlier. If not all subtle, several ways exist of correcting such anomalies. But hey! Don’t go about changing your present face. That’s a No! Rather than that, simply keep it but how so? Well, why not white it out, sit back and relax as all the beauty seemingly missing is revamped right in front of your eyes.

6. Today’s Cosplay

Today’s Cosplay

Cosplay friends are obviously good at their game. As one, you have mastered it but some things are inevitable. At some point in your cosplay games, all which are done at the online platform, your cosplay friends on the other end will request or suggest that you meet in person. Oops! Now this has come as a shocker when least expected, it’ll hit hard too. When meeting in person, you will be at an extreme loss as you will cross your heart and hope that reality doesn’t kick in too hard and ends up causing a heart attack.

5. The Reinventing Tool

The Reinventing Tool

Having sheer troubles managing your weight? You probably have tried many remedies to this vice but haven’t quite made it. Never give up while there are so many options available. Well, Photoshop has yet another surprise for you! It’s as easy as making a Photoshop image of you and sticking it, preferably on the fridge or any other convenient place. This will act as a way of self motivation and voila! You will be intrigued and your spirits lifted towards working at a common goal; that of trimming the excess weight and attaining that desired figure.

4. Dating Profile Pictures

Dating Profile Pictures

The world of dating has evolved with technology and with it comes different ways of presenting oneself to the opposite gender for a chance at dating. Though this is definitely bound to be scary to you, well, Photoshop images make their way to this scene and have all the tongues wagging for apparently all the wrong reasons. This is just a supposition but it might as well be the stark reality! Some girls and ladies go out of their way to post chic photos on their dating profiles. Seemingly, these photos all emanate from Photoshop!

3. No Need for Dieting

No Need for Dieting

If there was an option to practically spend all your life online, wouldn’t you opt for that over all else? For crying out loud, everything seems to be going great over there always! While living online, there would be virtually no need to go on a strenuous diet just for the sake of shedding off some of the excessive weight. Hop on the wagon and get yourself some much needed Photoshop skills right away! These will get you exactly where you want to go, online. It will now be as simple as leaving all else behind, being virtual and living online from here on onwards!

2. Announcement of Engagement

Announcement of Engagement

An engagement brings with it numerous responsibilities and oh, lots of expectations from all who are aware of the union. The wedding date is probably in a year’s time and there is so much to do within such a squeezed time frame. You even end up figuring out that before the wedding date elapses, you will have to shed off some weight and fit into that perfect wedding dress. Well, why not Photoshop it altogether huh? You will be surprised that just after a few effortless clicks, you’re there and far beyond! What a miracle.

1. Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Photoshop could literally implore you into going under the knife for a much needed plastic surgery but hold onto your horses for just a moment! The temptation to have straighter teeth, much more firm boobs, being thinner amongst other niceties can be too alluring even for the most vindictive of persons. That double chin that has been troubling you could as well be removed right? Here is an appealing difference in physical appearance that might just tempt you to shelve your fears for the knife and implore you to go under. Photoshop has once again does it like a Ninja!

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