The Most Popular Games in 2018

The Most Popular Games in 2018

Today’s most popular games were categorized according to popularity and frequency in which they are updated hourly. JayisGames is an organization used to rank various games according to their popularity. The website offers free online games experience. JayismGames have a site that review games and submit them to a homepage. This is the site that you can get access to as many and most recent games immediately they are launched into the market.

Top 10 Most Played Games

  1. Choice of romance


It is the current most famous game. It has a rating of 4.82 percent. In this game the first born of a declining noble family is taken to court to see or to be seen. You are supposed to look for a suitable match while in the court. In case you do not find a perfect match you can wind up the game alone. The decision is with the player.



This game tops in the category of Grow games. It is rated at 4.71 percent. It was versioned by On of Eyemaze from Japan. It is very easy to play therefore it suits everyone regardless of age. Its magical nature makes it more popular and interesting to watch. Use of graphics and sounds has made its animation even more appealing.


  1. Cube World [alpha]


Although it is in its tender age, this game has really drawn attention of many people. It is freely accessed in various internet sites for download. It has been rated at 4.70 percent. It involves generation of random worlds which are filled with monsters; pets and crafting. System background with beautiful visuals and the casual control mechanism make it more interesting to ride along with friends.

  1. Realm of the Mad God


It entails fast and frantic shooting in order to pit a player against multiple enemies. Ability to shoot endless enemies crowns a player fame and treasure. A player can also have a chance to tackle a god after triggering a multiplayer key. It is best enjoyed when hanging with well-known buddies. It has chaotic and exciting experience as the game continues. It has a rating of 4.69 percent.

 Analogue: A Hate Story


It is rated at 4.65 percent. The main character Mugungwa was sent into the space to set up a colony but was found dead. The player is then sent to look at what happened to the main character after leaving to the space. You are accompanied by two different AIs. The game also has emotional character dealing with love, forgiveness, hatred and politics.

  1. Leaf Me Alone [Expanded]


This game is an expansion of Ludum Dare original game. The gameplay and quirky game world has been improved in this game compared to the predecessor. It was expanded by Mark Foster and David Fenn. It is placed at a rate of 4.59 percent. The players of this game explore all corners of a thick forest. A little direction is given since it helps players to trace the right path.

  1. Cookie Clicker


This game has existed for some years. Its relevance has been boosted by frequent upgrades that are done almost every year. This time it has come with finer upgrades and achievements to make sure players enjoy fully. You need to click a cookie generating key in order to play. You can sell or buy cookies at the same time. A player should consider the price in which he or she is buying or selling cookies in order to have an arbitrage.

  1. The Sandman


It is horror game full of adventurous features created by Uri and vgperson. A character called Sophie tucks between bullies at school and isolation at home. When the clock stops Sophie and the rest must search a strange and silent town to find answers.

  1. No-One Has to Die

no one

This is a HTML5 game where a sacrifice has to be given in order to end mysteries surrounding the community. There are turn-based puzzles that drive the plot. The puzzles feel a bit perfunctory when compared to twisted story. Fans of the complex story have to give it several plays through.

  1. The Room


This is a very intriguing game. A single box is created in an immense imagination. There is use of sheer wealth puzzles that make sure you are tuned for hours. There is continued exploration and discovery when beautiful visual puzzles are used. It is an entertaining game that gives you fortune to possess means of playing it.




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