The Pop Culture Edition of Amazing Couples Tattoos

Amazing matching couple tattoos

Pop culture has such a huge following behind it. It is a culture that has been loved and loathed in equal measure. Its lovers go the extra mile to express just how much they are fascinated by it by doing myriad things such as having relevant tattoos done of them. They are very proud of this and show it at every instance they get. Here is a collection of the best of couples’ tattoos we have prepared just for your eyes to savor.

10. Nightmare Precluding Christmas Tattoos

Nightmare Precluding Christmas Tattoos

Ever had a guy or girl of your dreams? You probably know how strong that feeling is. It causes an adrenaline rush that can in turn cause you to do just about anything for the said person. Well, these tattoos represent just that but they have added a bit of twist to it. Imagine that the same guy or girl of your dreams also happens to be the guy or girl of your nightmares; now that’s really twisted. Sally and Jack Skellington thought of it and got the tats done on them, amazing stuff!

9. Mario And The Toadstool Princess

Mario And The Toadstool Princess

One look at this tattoo and you have the depiction of a perfect couple that is so happy together. As you can see, Mario is the main character here. Oh wait, or is it the princess? All they want to do is kiss. The really interesting captions are the words that go with the pair. It is printed on them that I will follow you wherever you go. That’s a very strong message of love. No wonder Mario is so eager to reach out and kiss his princess.

8. Link And Zelda

Link And Zelda

Early back in the 80’s games were not as advanced as they are today. The characters appearing in games were just but a bunch of pixels clamped together; it was so visible because the pixels were so unbelievably large. Well, there has been a very big transition now. Gamers who used to play then have fond memories of that and this has caught up even to tattoos. If this proves anything, it’s that even the nerds who were always picked on for playing these games in the 80’s have as equal as chance as anybody else to find their love.

7. Tats on Sweeney Todd

Tats on Sweeney Todd

Ever heard of Sweeney Todd? If not, you have missed on a great lot but not to worry. We will catch you up on that. Sweeney Todd is the kind of character you don’t get to meet just any other day. He accumulated a lot of ratings back in his days but for all the wrong reasons. Sweeney Todd was a serial killer who couldn’t just get enough. Here’s where it gets really romantic. His accomplice baked all his kills into a pie and went by the name of Mrs. Lovett.

6. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man Tats

Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man Tats

This is very romantic of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. They seem to have found it all in the world of love. Owing to this, they express their love to each other at every chance they get. What we see here are a number of dots between them. This can mean one of two things, both of which turn out to be very fascinating when demystified. The dots can either be signifying that they are eating them and finally culminating into a kiss or they are spitting the dots into each other’s mouths.

5. Beauty And Beast Tats

Beauty And Beast Tats

The irony of the beauty and the beast is a catchy one. It tells a tale of how two contrasting beings somehow end up very attracted to each other. It is this irony that has inspired the mind behind these two very amazing couple tattoos. Even in the most discerning way, nature always finds a way of balancing out everything. If there is a good side to something, chances are there is also a bad side to the same thing. Were this to be true love though, a regular prince would have been born from the beast.

4. Mickey, Minnie Tats

Mickey, Minnie Tats

I would be damn surprised at anybody who has not grown fond of these two characters over the years gone by. This seems to be a very loving couple. At the time this snap was taken, the two were sharing a kiss as their way of expressing their love for each other. For Mickey and Minnie though, it is a different story altogether. As you can see, they are very far apart and the only time they will be close to one another is in their fantasy world. Their eternity will be spent yearning for that one kiss.

3. Snoopy, Woodstock Tats

Snoopy, Woodstock Tats

This couple is sporting such amazing tattoos; two characters that always got us on the edge of our seats. Before this, I would be lying if I told you that I knew Snoopy had a thing for Woodstock. It is pretty hilarious but at the same time interesting. In the actual sense, Snoopy and Woodstock did not really get romantically involved with each other in ‘Peanuts’. But for all purposes and intent, we would love to think of this as some form of true love.

2. WALL-E, EVE Tats


This is as ironic as can get; with robots expressing love for each other, we beat that virtually anything is possible in this world. In the reality world where there are real robots, none of them has been built with the ability to have feelings leave alone having feelings of love. As such, one would not expect them to sport these tattoos.

1. Ariel, Eric Tats

Ariel, Eric Tats

The Little Mermaid might have been responsible for spawning the love between these two lovebirds. Love is an amazing thing and for this couple, there was no better way of expressing the way they feel about each other. If they are so truly in love with each other, the next big and best thing they would do was to have their friends sport tats of Sebastian and Flounder.

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