Outrageously Hilarious Football moments Caught on Video!

Top 10 Outrageously Hilarious Football moments Caught on Video!

The one great advantages of filming every moment of a Football game is capturing all the great moments weather it be great plays, great goals or the hotties watching the game (stay tuned for that top 10).

But every-now and then the cameraman captures something hilariously funny, that is why we put together the Top 10 Outrageously Hilarious Football moments Caught on Video!

Kick back relax and enjoy these hilarious moments.

10. Thierry Henry Plays an Old School Prank!

This is hilarious, I watched this so many times, this is one of the pranks I play on strangers at the Pub, Terry Henry is all class though, The one thing you find when you meet this World Football star is that he loves a good laugh, One time he convinced a fan that he was the twin brother of himself, a very funny guy and a great footballer.

9. Steven Gerrard rejected by a kid!

Now this is one dedicated Chelsea FC fan, This kid loves his club way more than celebrity status, What makes this moment so funny is that Steven Gerrard like all big Footballers have a famous persona about them, that’s why there is nothing funnier that seeing a child humble a player like that, Nice job kid!

8. Robinho Slaps Ronaldo!

This is great, Ronaldo clearly loves his ice-cream and Robinho is upset possibly because Ronaldo took the last one, but that doesn’t bother the former World class footballer, he just shrugs Robinho’s slap off with a cheeky grin.

7. Dimitar Berbatov and Adidas fan requests!

This will have you in stitches, Dimitar Berbatov and Addidas respond to fan letters and the requests are hilarious, the rules are that Dimitar Berbatov must do what the fans ask, thus leading him to do a very funny Godfather impersonation.

6. Juan Mata Vs Raul Albiol

Juan Mata shows off some cool skill here, why we dont see this during a game is a mystery, However, this footage is hilarious as Juan Mata schools Raul Albiol and his reaction is perfect.

5. Hitler’s Reaction To Andy Carroll’s Transfer Fee!

We have all seen these Hitler reaction videos but this one is by far the best one out there, Great comedy timing and every sentence in this video is hilarious and clever, a must keep for the collection, it pretty much captures how Liverpool FC fans felt at the time of Fernando Torres departure.

4. Super Mario Bibatelli!

If there was a comedy throneMario Balotelli would be bestowed upon it, the guy is hilarious, it is as if he was born only to play and know Football, anything else is too mainstream for the World Class Footballer, this video will have you rolling on the floor laughing, I have coached under 12 Football teams and I have never seen any other those 12 years olds struggle to put a bib on, LMFAO

3. Welcome To Fail City!

Looks like a match between Mistake City and Fail FC, are The Three Stooges running these Clubs, so many blunders and mistakes too funny to take seriously, This has to be one of the funniest moments to happen during a game, I know every player makes a mistake! but how is that even possible, it leaves you laughing hysterically and asking….WTF?

2. Victor Valdes trying to do English!

Watching Footballers trying to comunicate with each other is hilarious, the language barrier can be a brick wall sometimes, I guess hiring an interpreter is too much of a good idea for the Football world, Best keep those funds for the Footballers Hookers and cocaine habits, a hilarious situation.

 1. Monty Python and Philosophy Football!

Yes, haters gonna hate, this is by far the funniest football moment to ever happen, The organisation that went behind creating this bit is phenomenal, filmed at a real Football match you can hear the crowd cheering and laughing in hysterics, if you have not seen this video I will not give away what happens, this video is non stop comedy and will have you cracking up with laughter from start to finish, a must watch, true Football fans will love this.

And there you have it, the Top 10 Outrageously Hilarious Football moments Caught on Video! What was your favourite moment?

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