Oldest Stadiums In The World

Top 10 Oldest Stadiums In The World

Which are the 10 Oldest Stadiums In The World? Have you ever wondered which are the Oldest Stadiums In The World? Stadiums are the centre piece of any sporting occasion such as Football, Soccer, Baseball and Rugby.  From the beginning of modern marvels till the cutting edge days. From the Greek period when the Olympics was initially settled to amuse a gigantic swarm of demanding fans to now, where not much has changed except the venues themselves.

List Of Oldest Stadiums In The World

A lot of stadiums come and go over the years, and there are only a very few still standing from the ‘old days‘ which are active. So we took a look at the 10 Oldest Stadiums In The World and here is our List Of Oldest Stadiums In The World which also include The Oldest Active Stadium In The World.

10. White City Stadium – 1908

White City Stadium

White City Stadium was mostly built for the 1908 Summer Olympics additionally facilitated a match at the 1966 FIFA World Cup. This stadium used to have the greyhound hustling and speedways. White City Stadium was the host of the first ever present day marathon and is the first Olympic Stadium in the United Kingdom. White City Stadium was planned by specialist J. J. Webster and developed by George Wimpey with a seating limit of 68,000. This stadium was opened  on 27 April 1908 by King Edward VII. It was likewise the home ground of the White City Rebels speedway group from 1976 to 1978. After its destruction in 1985, the site is presently the BBC White City.

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