Nothing Beats Family Guy

Nothing Beats Family Guy

Among All Hilarious Tele toons, Family Guy stands out conspicuously as it tell the tale of a rather disoriented family that always has something extra special to crack us up with. Be it be Peter, Stewie, Brian or Meg, these characters always have something in store for us and the moment they open their mouths to blurt it out, it is met with laughter and more laughter. Here are a number of such instances.

10. The Beefed Up Stewie

The Beefed Up Stewie

From a tiny bigheaded tweak, Stewie seemed to have been hitting the gym a lot lately. Almost everything seemed to have turned up right. Save for his oval head that hasn’t added even an ounce of weight, the rest of the body seems pretty beefed up. For sure, he’s been hitting the juice pretty hard. But like all the other meatheads out there, he has been asking Brian a rather audacious question that he knows the answer to too well. What’s he bothering asking whether he goes to the gym?

9. And We Have A Winner, Thunder Buddies!

And We Have A Winner, Thunder Buddies!

It’s raining outside and there are rather loud bursts of thunder accompanied by equally flashy lightning. Stewie is afraid of thunder and so is his little bear. They are both shivering and looking for comfort from all the wrong people, themselves. Being afraid of thunder is bad enough. What’s even worse is showing this to another, in this case Ted, who is even more scared of it that you are Stewie! Well for some reason, it would seem that Stewie’s idea of thunder is not the kind in the sky but some other form of misconceived thunder.

8. Round Is Also a Shape

Round Is Also a Shape

Who are you to complain that Peter seems to be out of shape? For your information, round is also recognized as a shape; a pretty flamboyant one at that. Form his head down his tummy to his feet this is a perfect description of a round shape. You might not be aware of this but Peter here works tirelessly hard every day and night to keep in a perfectly round shape. Don’t go burgeoning out there and ruining his good reputation. He is totally in shape; no more no less.

7. That Awkward Moment When You Poop In Your Dreams

That Awkward Moment When You Poop In Your Dreams

What’s the worst kind of dream that you could ever have? Apart from peeing, that would be pooping. Peter is not afraid to say this and he puts it like it is. He tells you this in confidentiality with the hope that you won’t tell anyone else but it is something that he seems to have learned from his own experience. So, borrowing from this rather short narrative, the next time you poop in your dreams, you better wake up with crossed fingers. You might have pooped for real!

6. The Football Head

The Football Head

If you didn’t know it, Stewie has a lot of troubles when it comes to sleeping. There are so many sleeping positions that he can’t afford. He owes all this to his football head. When they are out with his elder brother camping by a camp fire and he feels sleepy, what do you think he does? He starts digging a hole hurriedly. Suddenly, his brother asks him what he is digging a hole for. Well, according to this very learned young man, he simply likes to sleep on his side, which he actually does quite comfortably.

5. If Indeed I Am A Child, That Makes You A Pedophile

If Indeed I Am A Child, That Makes You A Pedophile

What makes old Peet so outrageously funny? Well, in every situation that faces him, he always has to come out the victor. In a war of words, he has a way of turning things around to his own benefit. This might seem rather selfish for a father figure like him but what else has he got to do. Clearly, he is always on the wrong and has to save his neck most times all by himself. No matter how ridiculous he sounds, he always goes along with it through to the end.

4. Damn, Ain’t Quagmire Smooth!

Damn, Ain’t Quagmire Smooth!

If there is one character in Family Guy who has the best on pick up lines for ladies that would be none other than Quagmire. He has a way with ladies and for that you can always count on him for an over the roof pick-up line. It doesn’t matter for him and even if he has to borrow from politics, he will gladly go the extra mile. But for the stature of girls he goes after, they wouldn’t be too smart to decipher the lines and they probably end up thinking he is a genius.

3. Meg Is The Fall Guy

Meg Is The Fall Guy

For poor Meg, life is hard enough for her. To start with no one, not even an alien, finds hr to be attractive. This is then topped by the fact that her father hates her. He even thinks, or rather likes assuming, that Meg is an ugly boy. For this reason, she is always treated like crap and she has gotten so used to it that she doesn’t complain. The irony in all this is that she is voiced by Mila Kunis, one of the most attractive women in Hollywood.

2. Peter On Twerking

Peter On Twerking

For most times, Peter appears to be only thinking of himself and not in the way society would want him to think and act like. But on the twerking issue, he pretty much hits the nail on its head and speaks for almost everyone. This is true since nobody really cares about Miley Cyrus twerking on television besides Robin Thicke’s wife.

1. WTF Happened?

WTF Happened?

Without a doubt, since 1999 up to 2009, there has been a lot of transformation in Family guy. To start with, there was only one retard going by the name of Peter. The voice of reason has now transformed into the liberal douche. The hardworking housewife is now a space occupier. The evil mastermind has turned gay. The teenage girl is now a punching bag and the teenage boy has joined the ranks of retard.

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