Must Knows Before You Get Inked

Ten Must Knows Before You Get a Tattoo

What you need to know before you get a tattoo! Most people only consult a few friends and share with them the idea of being tattooed while others just do it and come surprising us but the reality is that most people are not familiar with these ten must knows before you get inked. You need to know these ten things before getting a tattoo!

10. Tattoo pain chart

Tattoo pain chart

The idea to get inked and getting a tattoo is great, but the pain that one has to bear is what makes many opt for the stickers or drawings instead of the real tattoo. However, to get the best, you will really have to withstand some pain and the above chart shows you the painful regions, after looking at it you will definitely fore go the tattoo.

9. Where language matters

Where language matters

Chinese words have awesome patterns that really serve us good tattoos but what if we really translated the words first to English and then tattooing the translation; you will be surprised that the tattoo now reads water.

8. Tattoos too grow old

Tattoos too grow old

Tattoos look brilliant and we agree they are great but you have to remember they are permanent and you will grow old with them. Growing old means the skin will sag and the tattoo will also be fading, you might end up looking like a hyena who was bathing in a pool of mud.

7. We will all be alike with or without


This meme is very entertaining, we are all growing old and sixty years from now, whether you have a tattoo or not , your skin will have the weary old look so it won’t make any tangible difference, either way.

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6. Youthful tattoos 


Tattoos are more common amongst the youths who probably find them fashionable or they don’t know the pros and cons of having them but even at 65 plus years old, they still have tattoos too.

5. Ouch! It hurts, am going for it.

Ouch! It hurts, am going for it.

That awkward notion when you really know something will cause you some immense pain but you still go for it cause after all the pain will be over. You have survived such pains too on many occasions.

4. Where is your tattoo and what it means


Tattoo locations have different interpretations according to the chronicles of the judgmental society. Most of the interpretations are not kindly since tattoos are considered to be against the moral principles and tenets of the society.

3. Old and Awesome

Old and Awesome

Thoughts of how your tattoo will look when you grow old should be something that every tatted individual should have to worry about at some point. The fact that it will look different compared to other oldies of the same age group provides an edge and an impetus of awesomeness.

2. Education and Tattoos

Education and Tattoos

The education system in the United States of America is probably the worst hit casualty of the tattoo fiasco. First, it is interesting to note that the total population that has tattoos is 45 million. Of this, 36% are between the ages of 18-25 years. 40% are aged between 26-40 years. For the education system, this is bad news because 30% of college graduates churned out by the system has tattoos.

1. Pay for Ferocity

Pay for Ferocity

The trend of tattoos is that the more scary and ferocious tattoos look, the more expensive it becomes. The logic behind that train of thought is a bit fuzzy. It’s something like the scarier the tat, the cooler it looks by social standards and hence the more expensive it is.

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