Magnificent Life Hacks

Ten Magnificent Life Hacks

A million times and over, you have acknowledged that life has far too many huddles. For you, it’s apparent that you simply haven’t realized the smoothest ways to paddle through life yet. Alter that from today with the least of efforts! “Magnificent life hacks” is what you have explicitly been missing. Let’s get started right away!

10. Laptop Confidentiality

Laptop Confidentiality

Your laptop is a personal effect into which you pour your thoughts in a bid to revitalize your mind. Many preying eyes, unluckily, are likely to catch wind on what is transpiring and expose you. A disgustingly nasty habit! Turn that turtleneck sweater you have on inside out while leaving your head inside. Your hands are to be placed through the sleeves while the waist takes guise of the entire laptop. Alas! No more preying eyes as you go about typing.

9. Draping Paper Roll Keepers

Draping Paper Roll Keepers

There is a heightened need of keeping papers from unfolding when they have been bound together. The troubles you are experiencing in wrapping these papers will disappear within a single snap of your fingers. More intuitively, have a stack of empty toilet paper rolls to start off with. Carefully and consistently, slice them lengthwise with the motive of creating a harmonious ambiance. These are then to be carefully wrapped around the draping paper roll.

8. Snack Keeper

Snack Keeper

Snacks are what you virtually chew on while getting tasks done. In doing so, you want to save as much time as possible and not digress from the task at hand. How so? Primarily, your favorite hoodie will be your greatest companion in this endeavor. It is as simple as turning it backwards to have the backside on your front. All that is missing now is your favorite snack. Pour it in your hood and snack away as comfortably and conveniently as possible. No more fuss as you will get it right with the hoodie!

7. Cord Rescuer

Cord Rescuer

You must be alive to the fact that charger cords are most vulnerable to bending and consequently breaking after the application of consistent undue pressure. At this day and age, you will lag behind should your device be low on battery owing to a spoilt charger. A quick and sure way of saving your cord from absolute termination is by using a common spring. Surely, one of your used pens must have a spring. On the bottom side of your cord, wrap this spring round and save your charger!

6. Fictitious Socks

Fictitious Socks

Whether in the Northern Hemisphere or the South, bitterly cold weather calls for the wearing of thick socks to trap the warmth in. Sadly, none of your sock matches the other. How about that old sweater that is no longer worn? Curve out the sleeves carefully. A pair of new socks you have right there! You no longer have to stress with what to stick out of your most treasured pair of boots. They will definitely keep you warm and queerly fashionable!

5. Sway Me Daddy

Sway Me Daddy

Daddy unavoidably has many nitty gritty responsibilities chief among them, working the swing with the child on it. Fatigue creeps on you and you are tempted to sit it down albeit for a moment. Other ingenious ideas will have you sit down all through the swinging episode. On the back of the swing, securely strap a lengthy rope. Having ascertained that they’re in the swing firmly, take a back seat and swing them by gently pulling the rope.

4. Iphone And Ipod Poise

Iphone And Ipod Poise

Most times, the simplest objects accomplish the greatest of tasks. iPhones and iPods have to be carefully secured always. An empty tissue paper roll will provide a firm-enough bed for them to rest on! Dissect it lengthwise and widthwise roughly about the size of the iPod or iPhone. On the opposite side to the cut, push in four pins to create a firm balance. All that’s left is to slide the device in! Within no time, you’re done and ready to chant away at the tunes.

3. Bottle Opening

Bottle Opening

You have that refreshing ice cold beer or soda bottle in your grasp but can’t quite get it open. The thirst is killing you and the only object around is a power cord. Boom! Your thirst is on the verge of being quenched. Unknowingly to you, the power cord is just what you need to wish your troubles away. A careful look at it and you will see a petite piece of metal sticking out from the cord. All that’s left now is to clip the little metal piece under the cork. A perfect fit! With a simple twist of your arm, the cork is off and out comes gushing the refreshing taste of your favorite beverage.

2. Sicky Clean

Sicky Clean

Drilling through your wall is inevitably bound to leave finite pieces of wood messing up your spotlessly clean floor. You hate messy floors! The drilling has to be done all the same for the realization of a more aesthetically beautiful wall full of attractive hangings. Keeping the floor clean is as simple as sticking a post-it note only that it doesn’t require any writings on it. On its non sticky side, fold the post-it note horizontally in a V-shape. Stick it horizontally just beneath the area which is to be drilled. Voila! Not even a snippet of saw will go past it.

1. Removal Of Nail Polish

Removal Of Nail Polish

You will utterly be surprised to know that strips of cotton play a major role in the removal of nail polish. The only most daunting task will be to strip the cotton to fit your nails. The rest, as they say, will flow seamlessly without a glitch or hitch. The average sized strips are dipped into a nail polish remover. Placing them squarely on the nails, only a bit of time will be required. After soaking for the recommended time, glide away the cotton strips and what you have left are clean nails ready for the application of an even more vibrant nail polish.

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