Just a Single Job and You Failed At Doing It

Just a Single Job and You Failed At Doing It

It’s awful not to have a job. What’s even more awful and demeaning is to have a single job and fail at doing it right. This can range from simple jobs as those of putting up signpost to complex jobs as those of designing swimming pools and all that comes with it. At the end of it all, the job has to get done either way!

10. It’s Coming up Rather Short

It’s Coming up Rather Short

What’s the purpose of having a slide like this one? Even an outright dimwit would spell it out to you. So that it can lead you IN the swimming pool! The one who had been assigned this job thought it otherwise. Perhaps it would be just cool to have the slide lead you into a pavement just a few feet shy from the pool. For there, you would then take a leisurely stroll into the swimming pool on all fours.

9. That’s Not Such a Great Angle

That’s Not Such a Great Angle

It’s rather odd to have a railing pointing in the odd direction. What’s worse is when such a railing is made with only tall people in mind. Surely, is this railing made so that tall people can hold onto it when walking down the stairs so that they can avoid getting hit by a shrinking ray or what? Well, I’ll leave that for you to decipher. On a second thought, the railing might have been designed appropriately. What’s wrong here is that the stairs are all facing the wrong direction!

8. The Infamous Nald’s McDo

The Infamous Nald’s McDo

What’s your favorite hamburger joint, McDonalds? Wrong. Its nald’s McDo. The job here was pretty simple and we honestly wonder what could have possibly gone wrong. Perhaps the retailer had a change of heart and thought of altering the name by simply doing a quick fix. We hope that does not in away way change the delicious taste of hamburgers offered here and that in any future dealings, the alteration in the name of the retailer ends at that.

7. Wrong Way, Right Door

Wrong Way, Right Door

This should teach you some very valuable lessons. It’s okay to install a door anywhere in a room or building. What’s wrong is to install the door while standing in a weird posture. For the person who installed this door, it would seem that the door was installed while the person was standing on the head; there is simply no other logical reason as to why the door would be installed upside down. It will also be quite rigid to get this door open or closed. As for the doors glass cleaner, the shorter the better!

6. There’s No Exit Here

There’s No Exit Here

The job was pretty cheap but for some reason, it grew complex when it came to the placement of letters. It’s like now they have to come with tags that say ‘this side up’. This is even when clearly they do not need that. With the T on the downside, people walking down that corridor might just be forced to forsake their journeys and turn back. The trouble is, should they turn back, there is no reassurance that they will come back to the same fate and be forced to do it all over again. You will want to leave this building immediately but somehow, you wouldn’t know which way to follow.

5. It Seemed Very Smart Though

It Seemed Very Smart Though

These drawers seem really pretty but one can’t help notice that something is wrong with them all, save for the one that is open at the open. It is the only one that can be comfortably used while all the rest remain shut. When it open or shut, all the stuff supposed to fit in the other drawers can’t fit into it under any circumstances. There is an upside to all this all the same; there is instructions on how to fix this drawer. Oh yeah, they are in the right drawer.

4. Isn’t It Just A Simple Pattern?

Isn’t It Just A Simple Pattern?

From the look of things, it’s like the ceramic tiles came short in number. Oh, wait a minute, that’s not it at all! This visible green square looks like it is battling for acceptance even when it is so clear that it doesn’t belong here. Here’s another thought; the green square was in the right place and the others were all placed wrongly. Well, perhaps the person responsible for placing these squares was color blind or started losing sight when he was almost done with his assignment.

3. A Fanny Projector

A Fanny Projector

It beats purpose to have a fan over a projector. It’s like the projector doesn’t have a fan in itself. The contractor behind this got it all wrong and lacked the perspective to alter the design which clearly did not fit here. Though the room with the all important projector has to be kept pleasant and cool, we all know that this is a fact that is simply overrated. The room will neither be cool or pleasant. If anything, it will lose its cool together with its beauty.

2. The Stairway Has Been Blatantly Denied

The Stairway Has Been Blatantly Denied

Wasn’t this stairway designed to lead into oblivion? Well, it now leads to a dead end and is nothing much more than a sorry excuse for construction. The stair master had one seemingly simple job and he just blew it for no apparent reason. You have probably been victimized severally for taking the elevator with people saying that you are too lazy. Now you go ahead use the elevator without the fear of being victimized.

1. It’s A Backwards Lid

It’s A Backwards Lid

This spoils the fun in going into a toilet. The manufacturer of the toilet seat was probably in a rush to get the work done and now because of his rush, many more people are going to suffer up until that moment when the toilet seat is plucked and replaced with a better functioning model. Till then, it will be hard times and lots of tissues.

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