How To Flirt – Best Ways to flirt!

Ten Best Ways To Flirt

How to flirt online with a guy or girl you don’t know? For the love-intent smooth operating individuals out there keen on mastering the art of flirting, this article might just be that fabled scroll containing the blueprint to boundless treasures. As the manual says, the road is narrow and only the persistent take it.

Best ways to flirt with a girl

10. How to flirt with a girl – just Stroke it!

How to flirt with a girl - Just Stroke it!

Women have a strong attachment to their hair. They give extra attention to it, pamper it and can spend a fortune on it. It is like their engine room from where all the other things depend on. Like all other missions, gaining the decryption code to the engine room is the key to success. Long-lingering gentle strokes gentle strokes might just be the secret code to unlocking that door of limitless possibilities. So yeah dude…just stroke it!

9. Best Ways To Flirt – Blow Kisses!

Best Ways To Flirt - Blow Kisses!

Some say that kisses blown are kisses wasted. Moreover, that kisses aren’t kisses unless they are tasted. This might hold true to the impatient. However, for the blessed ones who care to take the well-trodden path of flirting, the flying kiss has been tried and tested in the often-turbulent terrain of love. The faithfuls have found it to be a timeless romantic and classic gesture, with a tendency to sweep all the Chicks it finds on its way off their feet and squeeze all the blushes it possibly can out of them even without trying. The result is a seamlessly weakened crush. A kiss blown right back is the long-awaited green light. The rest as they say is history. All hail the air kiss!

8. The Lingering Gaze

The Lingering Gaze

This is arguably the trickiest, but easiest way for the flirt-possible thing to work its magic. This might be challenging to some guys considering the fact that the limits are undefined. Perhaps caution must be taken so that the gaze does not turn into long weird gazes that can freak out. The trick is to look into the eyes of the chic or dude of interest gently and deeply with affection. The task is to make the difference count.

7. The touch

The touch

For chemistry to brew up, physical contact is a requisite catalyst. But not the kind that creeps up and freaks the heart out. You don’t wanna be branded a pervert and blow your chances to the next guy in line who will undoubtedly pounce on it and wheel away with it. Doing stuff together that will require the skin touching will go a long way. The contact should be just gentle, smooth with an exquisitely romantic feel and just long enough to cause a stir and to get the engines revving and running.

6. How to flirt with a guy – a winkie will do it 😉


This is an all-time classic flirt-mode gesture with an unsurprising success streak. It is seductive and loathed in equal measure. The warmth of the response it generates is quite something else. The celebrated flirtatious masters of old confirm it is simple and lethally effective. Winking at strangers can end up blowing in the face because it borders on weirdo at best.

5. Up-close Chat

Up-close Chat

This suits mostly those who possess the gift of the garb. They can charm their way into the gates of the Promised Land. Those who don’t, well, just have to step up or step out. Deep up-close and personal conversations provide a platform to establish connection, create a rapport as well as indicate serious interest. A friendly response can be the beginning of something incredibly awesome. Girls need crave utmost attention. Those chats will give her the chance to open up and lay her soul bare to the point of surrender. In any case it all starts and ends with trust. Dudes and live for those moments as it caresses their predatory ego.

4. Hugs


The age-old gesture of warmth, affection and care is the hug. It is a sign of friendship and mutual   understanding. It can also give a clear indication of how you feel by just how tight it is. Long silent hugs can sometimes be the most romantic conversations. It charges the air, the body contact heats up the chemistry and with the right amount of privacy, hugging pressure and telepathic understanding; it can turn out to be a hot steamy affair.  However, it does not always lead to intimacy. But its significance can be rewarding if the feeling is mutual.

3. Sweet Whispers

Sweet Whispers

Sexy gentle whispers of sweet nothings to your beau can be intriguingly romantic and seductive. The flirty uncensored content is left to creativity and the gods of imagination. It can be used as a springboard to say all the things you cannot say out loud. Sweet nothings spice things up and take the whole bonding thing to a completely new level. The thing about whispers is that the recipient is left with a residual lingering feeling of curious desire.

2. Close Up

Close Up

Most love-struck romantics just crave for those moments they can have their interests all to themselves. This can be a tough call. When the opportunity strikes though, private close moments can be a goldmine and defining at best. The atmosphere changes and it’s probably the best shot you got at making your intentions well known. The way you handle this moment will probably define your legacy for a long time to come since girls talk about absolutely everything.

1. Do you know who this is?

Do you know who this is?

Coming from behind and covering her eyes with your hands and letting her guess who it is really rocks. It is sweet, spontaneous, warm and very charming. It adds a delicious edge to the pursuit and the twist might lead up to something. If she likes you, she will probably play along or even know that it is you right away. Some people though do not appreciate being crept up on and might end up reacting in an unexpectedly unorthodox manner. Caution and care should be taken against such. This whole guess who game should be done occasionally to avoid the risk of being monotonous as well as creepy which will subsequently be a turn off.

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