Hottest Children Of Billionaires

18 Of The Sexiest Children Of Billionaires To Look For

The Richest, Hottest and Sexiest Children Of Billionaires To Look For? Some people are simply born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Billionaire kids and children live in a world different from everyone else. They live in the lap of luxury, roam around in chauffeur-driven cars, dine at the best of places, travel wherever they please and are able to afford tuition fees at the best of educational institutions, which poises them for greater success and enhances their money-making potential. Cries of “poor little rich boy / girl” do not really hold. As you will note in the following list of billionaire offspring, these are sorted, well-settled individuals who are doing well in life. Success will be theirs, and not only because daddy has lots of money.

The Richest, Hottest and Sexiest Sons and Dauthers Of Billionaires

Are you looking for hot young millionaires and some of the sexiest young millionaires in the World? Dont worry we have compiled a list with the Hottest Billionaire In The World List. In this post, we have listed 18 billionaire children in descending order of their parent’s (or family’s) net worth and their ranking on the Forbes rich list.  Lets have a look at some young billionaires in the world.

1. Antoine Arnault

Antoine Arnault

Son of: Bernard Arnault
Ranking on the Forbes list: No. 4
Father’s net worth: $41 billion

His father Bernard Arnault is the CEO of luxury conglomerate LVMH. Unlike some of the other billionaire heirs on this list, Antoine is faithfully following in his father’s footsteps. He currently serves as the Head of Communications for Louis Vuitton. Being one of the top professionals in the fashion industry, the 34-year-old Antoine naturally has a beautiful Russian model (Natalia Vodianova) for a girlfriend. Antoine also happens to be a professional poker player, a talent that probably helps him in his business dealings. You will often find him sailing along the Corsican coast on a luxury yacht. After all, that is how the ridiculously wealthy manage to unwind.

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