Hottest Billionaire In The World

Hottest Billionaire In The World List

In case you were asked whether you want to marry a person who is how or one who is rich, it is likely that you will prefer one quality over the other among the two. People with both characteristics might be few, but they exist all the same. While rich people do not have to worry about bills and the like, good looking people can earn a fortune through their looks such as joining modeling or acting. For those with both, you cannot even imagine the kind of luck that is on them!

Hottest Billionaire Offspring

The folks on this list are not only filthy rich but also smoking hot check out the world’s richest billionaires’ offspring.

10. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump

Despite controversies surrounding her father, Donald Trump, on whether he is a billionaire or not, Ivanka Trump was too hot to be left out of this list. The 32 year old has had all the glam. In her younger years, Ivanka was a model and happened to work for designers such as Thierry Mugler and Versace. She has also appeared in pages of Harper’s Bazar and Seventeen. At the moment, she is the executive ice of the Trump organization. She is a successful nosiness woman since she has clothing and jewelry lines. She is the heir of her father’s fortune.

9. Holly Branson and Sam

Holly Branson and Sam

The father of the two, Richard Branson, is the sixth richest citizen in the United Kingdom according to the billionaires list of 2012 of Forbes. These two might be required to share their wealth. However, the Virgin Group owns more than four hundred companies, so they will still have lots of money. Sam is married to an actress while holly is a licensed medical doctor and is currently setting up clinics in Africa.

8. Nicky and Paris Hilton

Paris and Nicky  Hilton

These two great-granddaughters of Conrad Hilton grew up with lots of money at their disposal. Hilton was the founder of Hilton hotels. These tow ladies chose to spend their fortune in different ways. Paris is a party animal. She became famous after an indecent tape of her went viral on a reality show. She also tried to join the music career. As for Nicky, she is a fashion designer and model and has great interest in business. All the same, they are considered celebrities because of their family name.

7. Dylan Lauren

Dylan Lauren

Dylan Lauren is the forty-year-old daughter of the fashion industry guru, Ralph Lauren. Dylan Lauren does not look her age though. She and her two brothers are heirs of their father’s $7.5 billion fortune which is still growing. However, none of them has followed his footsteps. Dylan Lauren operates her candy shop, which is deemed to be the largest in the world. She was named in the 25 top lists of the most stylish individuals by the US weekly in 2007. This is not strange considering that her father is a fashion icon.

6. Antoine Arnault

Antoine Arnault

Her father, Bernard Arnault, is the CEO of Louis Vuitton. He may not have to work, but he does. He is the head of communications at Louis Vuitton. His gorgeous looks and plenty of cash have landed him a pretty supermodel from Russia known as Natalia Vodianova. He is a professional poker player and stands to inherit $41 billion.

5. Vanisha Mittal

Vanisha Mittal

Vanisha Mittal is the daughter of Indian steel magnate, Lakshmi Mittal. She is married to Amit Bhatia and threw a lavish wedding. The wedding is approximated to be the second most expensive wedding of all times. She did a business course and were currently helping in the running of her father’s company. Her inheritance is approximated to be about $16 billion.

4. Emma Lasry

Emma Lasry

Emma Lasry is the daughter of the hedge fund manager, Mard Lasry. She attempted to join the music career in 2010, but she failed terribly. People said that her video was a bad one and that she was only a spoilt brat who could get anything because of her father could pay for it. Due to the negative word about her video, she was forced to take it offline. All the same, she has the looks and money!

3. Anna Anisimova

Anna Anisimova

Anna Anisimov has been dubbed as the Paris Hilton of Russia. She is the daughter of a Russian metal magnate, Vasily Anisimov. Since his eldest daughter was killed by the Russian mafia in 2000, Anna has been staying in New York for her safety’s sake. She has tried acting and modeling. However, she is a socialite. She also tried to join the real estate where she failed. She had bought Diane Von Furstenberg for $23 million from her father. However, she lost the deal after the building was found to violate height laws. Her lavish lifestyle may catch up with her finally, but all the same she has the looks.

2. Petra and Tamara Ecclestone

Petra and Tamara Ecclestone

Bernard Ecclestone, the CEO of Formula One, has two gorgeous daughters. They are in the modeling industry and are British socialites. Tamara has ever tried to join the entertainment industry while Petra has tried her luck in the fashion industry. They both love their lavish lifestyles and bet they would not trade it for anything. Petra’s wedding that was held in 2011 cost her more than twelve million US dollars. Petra is the owner of Aaron spelling’s former mansion, which she bought for $85 million.

1. Amanda Hearst

Amanda Hearst is the Hottest Billionaire In The World

William Randolph Hearst started the Hearst Corporation in 1887. By then, it started as a mere publisher of local newspapers. Today, it has developed to include more than three hundred newspapers and magazines. The great-granddaughter of the founder makes it to the number one in the list. She has been highlighted on the covers of many magazines including Harper’s Bazar and the town and country magazines. At the moments, she is the editor at Marie Claire (owned by Hearst). In short, she has the brains, looks, and money!

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