Hottest Billionaire In The World List

Hottest Billionaire In The World Shortlist

In case you were asked whether you want to marry a person who is how or one who is rich, it is likely that you will prefer one quality over the other among the two. People with both characteristics might be few, but they exist all the same. While rich people do not have to worry about bills and the like, good looking people can earn a fortune through their looks such as joining modeling or acting. For those with both, you cannot even imagine the kind of luck that is on them!

Hottest Billionaire Offspring

The folks on this list are not only filthy rich but also smoking hot check out the world’s richest billionaires’ offspring.

10. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump

Despite controversies surrounding her father, Donald Trump, on whether he is a billionaire or not, Ivanka Trump was too hot to be left out of this list. The 32 year old has had all the glam. In her younger years, Ivanka was a model and happened to work for designers such as Thierry Mugler and Versace. She has also appeared in pages of Harper’s Bazar and Seventeen. At the moment, she is the executive ice of the Trump organization. She is a successful nosiness woman since she has clothing and jewelry lines. She is the heir of her father’s fortune.

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