Hilarious Things That Happen When The Girlfriend is on Bed

Ten Funny Things That Happen When The Girlfriend is on Bed

With your girlfriend on bed, there are those good times and bad times that will come and go. Men mostly share the same experiences, here are some of the ten things that happen when you are with your girlfriend on bed that leaves you thinking in the lines of “now what…..do I do”

10. Hold me

Hold me

Girls are different when it comes to bed, there are those that really want to feel you are in their arms but they fear the bullshit that comes along with guys. Sleep on me pillows can give you all the comfort you need. You will sleep with her all night but your job is similar to that of the sleep on me pillow.

9. Grandkids relishing recollections

Grandkids relishing recollections

Everybody has his sex life, some like it open while others keep it so intimate to themselves. Majority will end up telling their kids or grand children and thus the common saying “that’s how I met your mother” becomes derived.

8. The selfies and now the bedies

The selfies and now the bedies

You may be thinking you are the most successful hitter and quitter person in the world, not until you access some photos of your girlfriend on bed, you will be in for surprises

7. What’s cooking in the ovens

What’s cooking in the ovens

That awkward moment when you are with your girlfriend in bed and the stomach is up and running. You decide to release the gas in small bits with high hopes that it will be odorless. You get your head back to the blankets only to be overwhelmed by the smell, total embarrassing. You say sorry but you have embarrassed yourself before your girlfriend. We call it the Dutch oven.

6. The sad bit…of her

The sad bit...of her

5. Tempted to touch

Tempted to touch

With your girlfriend in bed, you are so tempted to get over her and make love to her. Despite how hard you are, you make a sacrifice and curl up in bed knowing she is just a hand away. Her sleeping stile can just let you sleep, you coil your manhood between your legs and sacrifice the temptation.

4. Co-edges


Back in college days when you have your girlfriend sleep around you, you are glad she has come for a sleep over but you stay up the whole night wondering when she will leave you early the next morning so that you can have your nap in your own way.

3. The enticer

The enticer

Common in men who are in relationships, you just don’t know how to start things over in bed, you try to poke her, the results might work but in many scenarios it works out against you.

2. Follow my rules or else ….

Follow my rules or else ….

Things work quit easily when you get into her schedules but when you work against her, eating and sleeping late, everything will seem to go against your intentions. At the end of it all, you end up sleeping on the edges.

1. The good and the bad

The good and the bad

Its amazing how the being in bed with her gives you fond memories but at the same time, many are the times you spend sleepless and with nightmares cause you don’t want to disturb the sleeping queen.

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