Highest Paid Bands Of All Time

Highest Paid Bands Of All Time 2014

Highest Paid Bands Of All Time? Which are the most celebrated and paid bands in the world? Over the years, music has proved to be loved by many people. Musicians, as well as bands, have been celebrated since time immemorial. The list below consists of the bands that have been mostly celebrated regardless of the music genre. Most of them are rocks bands, considering that other music genres do not have as many bands. Whereas some of them may not be active anymore, their music is still loved.

Most Celebrated and Paid Bands in the World

In fact, some of them have had to get into music again due to public demand! All the same, they still earn, years after they lastly produced an album. Some of these bands are amoung the greatest bands ever and some of the band members are amoung the highest paid musician in the world!

The Top Ten Highest Paid Bands Of All Time 2014

Ten Highest Earning Bands Of All Time

10. ABBA


ABBA is a Swedish band which released its first album in 1972. It is very expected that you have heard of Fernando and Dancing queen since they are some of the songs that made ABBA popular.  It was considered a disco or pop band. Within the ten years that this band was active, it sold three hundred and eighty-one copies of albums and singles globally. This is a big trail, because they produced the songs within a short period. The band members have been approximated to be worth about three hundred million US dollars. Their wealth is believed to have been earned through tribute tours, concerts, music rights and album sales.



Queen is number two in our list with the Highest Paid Bands Of All Time. Established in 1971 as a pop and rock music band, the United Kingdom based band has sixty-six million certified entity sales. The band released its first album in 1973. Since then, it has earned over two hundred million US dollars. Till date, it is active thus it continues to make more money. The band’s main source of income is through special concerts and tours. However, it also earns through record sales.

8. The rolling stones

The Rolling Stones

The band, having made a record by selling more copies, deserves this list. Their success can be attributed to its lead singer Mick Jagger. The UK band mainly specializes in singing blues and rock, and is widely known for their best-selling hot rocks compilation album. Since 1962 when it became active, it has sold more than ninety-four million albums though only 66 million have been certified. They mainly earn their money through concerts and tour dates worldwide.

7. Aerosmith


Most people know the band because of its lead singer, Steven Tyler. Since its establishment in 1970, Aerosmith has released several albums. However, the album Toys in the Attic is the best-known album. This album is one of the top selling albums in the United States. More than eight million copies of their album were sold. The band skyrocketed in the 1980s when its songs were mostly featured on the charts. Till date, it has sold about sixty-seven million pieces. This amounts to about one hundred and fifty US million dollars through concerts and date tours.

6. AC/DC


AC/DC is a Australian band that has been active since 1973 to date. At one time or another, the AC/DC band has hired bass players and drummers. However, all this time, the core members have remained the same. The band was mostly popular in the 70s and 80s. Its bestselling album is Back to Black. Till date, they have sold 108 million sales. 71 of which are certified. One of the members; Brian Johnson is worth more than eighty million dollars. However, their combined worth is more than $200 million.

5. Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

The UK band was active from 1965 to 1996. In the three decades that they were in the limelight, they sold about 100 million sales though only 74.5 are certified. This adds up to about $250 million. Rumors have it that they are already broke. All the same, they deserve to be on the top ten lists. Word has it that the Pink Floyd band has plans to get back to the limelight.

4. The Eagles

The Eagles

Considering that they made their debut in 1971, they can qualify to be the oldest band in the US. They were active for nine years (since 1971 to 1980), then they took a break of fourteen years. Since they returned, they have been active since then. They are for their bestselling album known as their greatest hits. The album features some of their country rock and their soft hits. Their leader, Don Henley receives a lot of credit for making the band stand out. They have sold about 100 million unit sales. Their total earnings are approximated to be about $250 million.

3. Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

Having sold more certified sales, the band, qualifies to be on this top list. This is quite impressive since it was active for only twelve years. It was active between 1968 and 1980. It is well known for their top selling album known as Led Zeppelin IV. The album sold thirty-seven million copies. Till date, the band has made more than three hundred million US dollars.

2. U2


The Irish band deserves to be on this list considering that it has sold more than a hundred million copies globally. This is quite impressive since they have released only twelve studio albums. They made their debut in 1976 and have been active since then. They will hold concerts and attend date tours. This explains why their net worth is a lot, and it keeps growing. At the moment, their worth has reached $838 million. This figure was arrived at in April 2002 according to the UK Sunday times.

1. The Beatles

The Beatles is the paid band in the Highest Paid Bands Of All Time list

The Beatles is the number one in our Highest Paid Bands Of All Time list.  The Beatles band is with no doubt one of the most successful pop and rock bands of all times. It was active from 1960 to 1970. Despite the claims that they have sold more than 6000 million albums, only 250 are certified. Their best-selling album was known as the white album which has sold more than twenty million copies. There are only two remaining members; Paul and Ringo. The members are multimillionaires and are all estimated to be worth about $1bilion. So far, no other band has sold more copies that them, therefore, they qualify for the top position on the list.

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