The Highest Ever Paid Celebrity For Commercial Appearance

The Highest Ever Paid Celebrity For Commercial Appearances

Who is the highest paid celebrity ever celebrities for commercial appearance?  Celebrities enjoy lots of perks including the huge amount of money they are paid for appearing in commercials. Companies pay them to stare in their commercials as a way of advertising their products and services.

Who is the highest paid celebrity ever for commercial appearance?

That way, celebrities get massive payouts from such commercials. Here is a list of the highest amount that has ever been paid to a celebrity for appearing in a commercial.

The top 10 Highest Paid Celebrity 2014

10. Brad Pitt – Chanel

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was paid $7 million for a commercial for the Chanel. He really wanted to stare in this advert and he happens to be the first male face for the Chanel No. 5 perfume. This commercial has been spoofed widely by other people including Conan O’Brien. The commercial was shot with Pitt dressed in black and white though the lines were a little bit corny. The Chanel No. 5 is an iconic perfume all over the world.

9. Angelina Jolie – Louis Vuitton

Angelina Jolie

Not even Angelina’s husband has ever gotten this amount of money for a commercial. She scooped $ 10 million after signing a contract with the Louis Vuitton. The company needed Angelina to be its face. She took her first appearance for Louis Vuitton on a wooden boat. This was in the waterways of Cambodia. She looked awesome and this tells why the company wanted her to be its face. The shoot produced very beautiful pictures of Angelina and she really represented the French company so well.

8. Jared Fogle – Subway

Jared Fogle

Jared is not as famous as the other celebrities in this list. However, he is well known for making money from different commercials. He signed a contract of $ 15 million with Subway and this is where he got his wealth from. He became prominent when he lost about 250 pounds on a sandwich diet in Subway. This caught the attention of the company and they later hired him for their dieting success commercial.

7. Catherine Zeta – T-Mobile

Catherine Zeta

Catherine first became famous on British TV before she even took on Hollywood. She comes from Welsh Valleys and has starred in a number of Hollywood movies. She got half power after marrying Michael Douglas. She even earned more after signing al contract with T-Mobile to star in the company’s adverts. This earned her $20 million for starring in its adverts. Though she was replaced after her contract ended. She was still taken in again by the same company to endorse it.

6. Jay Z – Samsung

Jay Z

People know most rappers to do well not only in their music but also as business acumen. Well, Jay Z is one of such rappers. Jay Z has signed several contracts for celebrity endorsements over the years which have earned him good money. However, the latest endorsement has ranked him among the highest paid celebrities for commercials. Samsung paid him clean $20 million. He promoted Samsung’s Galaxy mobile phones. From that contract, Jay Z did not only get money but also got other benefits. This included the company promoting his new album. Samsung was involved in promoting his album titled Magna Carta Holy Grail.

5. Beyonce – Pepsi

Beyonce Pepsi commercial

Not even her husband Jay Z has ever been paid the amount Beyonce was paid by Pepsi. She has appeared in several other adverts for Pepsi before but none of them has earned her such an amount of money. She signed this contract with Pepsi for $50 million. With this one, her face was to be used by the company on cans. She also starred in a range of their new promotional and commercial adverts. The contract got her way richer because the figure was one of the highest ever paid for a commercial or promotional advert.

4. 50 Cent – G-Unit sneakers

50 Cent

50 Cent is one of those rappers who not only depend on their music career but also on endorsements. He has done many other commercials with other companies. However, this new deal with Reebok was off the hook. With this endorsement, Reebok produced his G-Unit sneakers. His fans were the biggest promoters of these sneakers. This saw him take home a figure of about $80 million. The deal was a real boost for the rapper because it was his highest earned commercial as at that time. It got him $80 million richer.

3. LeBron James – Nike

LeBron James

LeBron James is well known for playing basketball. He has been signing endorsement contracts for a long time since when he got successful for playing basketball in high school. However, with all these previous endorsements for various companies, James has never took home a huge amount of money like the one he did in his latest endorsement. James signed a contract with Nike which saw him take home $90 million. The contract was to last or seven years. James was endorsed to promote Nike’s brand for that amount of money. It was a thumps for James.

2. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is well known as the best golf player ever in the whole world. Though his well-known problems have drawn some attention towards him it has not affected his appeal to companies for commercials. Tiger Woods signed a contract with Nike which happens to be his sportswear giant. The company paid him $100 million. It was a five year contract that saw him reap that amount of money. Tiger starred in Nike’s commercials as well as promote the company’s products. The negative publicity resulting from the documented problems did not affect him after all.

1. David Beckham

David Beckham is the The highest ever paid celebrity for commercial appearance

David Beckham’s fame first came due to his ability of kicking football. This saw him move from Manchester to Los Angeles where his career really shot up. He is good with promotions and his looks sum it all. Most companies are attracted by his good looks and his impressive physique. This has led to him signing many contracts to become the face of companies. David might be well known for stripping his underwear. His best paying deal is from Adidas. The deal is reported to have earned him $160 million. He was endorsed by Adidas to do their commercials and be the face of the company.

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