Guys makeup transformations that will blow your mind

Transformations that will blow your mind

Lets have a look at how some guys who do makeup transformations and look like celebrities  Try out these makeup applications for guys and you will love the transformation! These guys makeup transformations are crazy.

10. Taming the beard

Taming the beard

Who would have though that grooming can transform a guy? This guy had a bushy beard which was not well kept. After getting some grooming on the beard, he looks totally different. Cleaning up the beard and getting it groomed can really transform the looks in a man. It could even him look totally different like this guy here. He had his beard groomed and he got transformed. You could confuse him for Robin Thicke. You can also try cleaning your beard and grooming it, you won’t believe the transformation!

9. Make up application

Make up application

Look at this guy! He just out did Kris Jenner’s glamour. No offense though. This guy has undergone some form of transformation after applying some makeup. Looking at hi photos before the transformation, the guy looks completely different from his photos after the makeup transformation II. This make up application II has worked some magic on this guy who looks totally different. Doesn’t he look like Kris Jenner? He has her glamour. You can try doing the makeup application II and see how it will transform you automatically.

8. The “Rock” look

The “Rock” look

Do you want to look like the Rock? Then go for the transformation that will make you look like him. You just need some bit of brow plucking and application of facial cream to look like the Rock. You just need to spare some time and get the transformation within few minutes. You need to pluck some eye brows especially if you have a bushy eye brow. Pluck them such that you have few remaining and ensure they resemble those of the Rock. After that, apply some facial cream. You will love the transformation as you rock it!

7. He completes it

He completes it

If you hate those frequent visits to the barbershop, here is a quick one for you. You do not have to visit your barber every now and then to get your hair cut. You can simply do it from the comfort of your house and still look awesome! You can in fact cut your hair on your own. You will just requisite a pair of scissors to trim your hair by yourself. Going for a job interview? You will need a cream and the brow touch-up. Take it from this guy. Apply the cream and use the brow touch-up to get this transforming look for your job interview. You will get the job!

6. Styling tips

Styling tips

You will love this new look! Don’t you like how this guy has transformed? With some bit of styling, guys can look completely different and awesome than before. Look at the earlier and afterwards pictures of this guy and you will love to try styling to change your looks. The guy looks sharp! Adding Havana fedora makes it even better! The hat makes him look completely transformed. Try out this makeup tip of styling up and you will certainly not be the same again!

5. Diggs look alike

Diggs look alike

This guy looks like Taye Diggs. He just needed to smile and wear a plaid shirt to look like Diggs. However, he had to have some makeup done on him to transform him to Diggs look alike. Do you like the guy’s new look? Why don’t you try it out too? Get the makeup set and apply it by your will not consume much of your time plus the look after will be worth the time and effort. It is that simple! You have no reason not to transform your looks this time round.

4. Application I

Application I

Do you like this guy’s make up technique? His technique is down. However, the headband look is a unique one. The guy looks unique with the headband technique after all. What do you think about his hair cut technique? He would have looked better in a different haircut. How about the makeup look done on his face? He doesn’t look really transformed even after applying the makeup. When doing a makeup application, it is important for a guy to choose the right makeup for his skin type as well as face. Choose an application that will make you look better than before.

3. Mr. Bean look

Mr. Bean look

What do you think about this Mr. Bean look? Is Mr. Bean your idol? If yes, then am sure you would want to look like him. Try out a makeup transformation that will leave you looking like him. This guy nailed it! Mr. Bean’s look is so coveted, just look at how this guy looked before and after the makeup. You will love it! Make sure you have your eyebrows shaped just like Mr. Bean’s. A guy should also ensure that he gets the right makeup for his face; the pods and any other accessories.

2. Kayne West’s look

Kayne West’s look

Most guys want to look like the successful Kayne. Well, the trick is just simple. Try makeup and you might be transformed to look like Kayne West. Get the right makeup if you want to succeed in emulating Kayne. Cream will go a long way in making the transformation a success for you. However, if that does not work out good for you, don’t worry too much. Try out water and lighting up. They might just pull off a seamless transformation for you that will leave you the happiest guy. Try out this transformation and you will not regret!

1. Curly eyelashes

Curly eyelashes

Are you crazy about getting curly eyelashes? Well here you are. Most people think that curly eyelashes only look good on girls. Well, you are wrong if you too thought so. To get those perfect curly eyelashes, try using the eyelash curler. You thought it is only used by girls? No! Guys can use it too. Use the eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes and you can be sure to have your eyelashes transformed. Curl them how you love them best using the eyelash curler!

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