Funniest Goalkeeper Fails In Football

Top 10 Funniest Goalkeeper Fails In Soccer!

Which are The Funniest Goalkeeper Fails in Football? One of the hardest position on a Football/Soccer team has to be the Goal Keeper, a lot of pressure is put on the shot stopper to make sure that ball does not cross that line into the back of the net. Not only doe’s a Keeper have to be quick thinking, they have to be all round quick as well. But sometimes in the heat of the moment a situation can go horribly wrong for a Goal keeper trying to keep the ball out of the net, and sometimes it can be the keepers fault, either way it makes for some great entertainment.

Top ten Funniest Goalkeeper Fails In Football Ever

Funny goalkeeper mistakes and funny goalkeeper fails are always a fun to watch. Some of them include the Funniest Goalkeeper Saves. That’s why we decided to put together The Top 10 Funniest Goal Keeping Fails in Football/Soccer. A few of them will probably be the Funniest Goalkeeper Mistakes Ever! Here is our Top Ten List with The Funniest Goalkeeper Fails in Football.

10. Is he really a goal keeper?

Goalkeeper Tricks himself

It’s hard to tell what this Goal Keeper was doing. He seems to be confused to where the ball is at, Smart move by the player on the opposite side who saw the opportunity and took it, That’s going to be a difficult one to explain when he gets back into the change rooms. Coach will not be happy!

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